Top 10 Largest Universities in the World - List of World's Largest Universities

Largest Universities in the World - List of Top 10 World's Largest Universities

Today we have gathered data of top 10 largest and biggest universities in the world. This list includes total active enrollment across all campuses (including off campus study). Included enrollment numbers are the sum of undergraduate and graduate students.

1). Allama Iqbal Open University - 1974 Established Allama Iqbal Open University is Located in Islamabad, Pakistan and it is the Largest University the world with the total enrollments of 3.2 Million.

2). Indira Gandhi National Open University - World's second biggest University is Indira Gandhi National Open University which is also known as IGNOU is Based in Delhi, India with 3 million enrollments. Said university was established in 1985.

3). Islamic Azad University - Situated in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Azad University is third biggest university in the world with total enrollments of 1.3 Million. It was established in 1982.

4). Anadolu University - Eski┼čehir, Turkey Based Anadolu University stands as a forth largest university in the world with 884,081 enrollments. Anadolu University was established in 1958.

5). Bangladesh National University - Bangladesh National University was Established in 1992 and is fifth biggest university in the world and having total 800,000 enrollments.

6). Universitas Terbuka - Universitas Terbuka is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was established in 1984 and it is sixth largest university in the world with 646,467 enrollments.

7). Bangladesh Open University - Gazipur, Bangladesh based Bangladesh Open University (BOU) was established in 1992. BOU is seventh biggest university and having 600,000 enrollments.

8). Ramkhamhaeng University - Ramkhamhaeng University is situated at Bangkok, Thailand. This eighth largest university was established in 1971 and now having 525,000 enrollments.

9). University System of Ohio - Ohio, USA based University System of Ohio was started in 2007. This ninth biggest university is having 478,000 enrollments.

10). University of the Punjab - Located in Lahor, Punjab; University of the Punjab was established in 1882. This university has total 450,000 enrollments.

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