Gay Couple - World's Longest Kiss set Guinness World Records 2010

Perezhilton one of the most recognized celebrity gossip website has reported that Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello, two New Jersey College students have recently broke a Guinness World Record for the longest continues kiss.
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The record has been broken by the homosexual FRIENDS over the weekend, when both have been clocked for 33 hours of non-stop homolicious saliva swapping.

According to the rules of the Guinness World Records, both Matt and Bobby were required to stand in a public venue straight for 33 hours, without any breaks or bathroom trips.

Both chose the campus of their college as the public venue, where they were surrounded by their friends and supporters, while they continue to swap saliva.

After their record breaking saliva swapping Matt said, the kiss was not about romantic or sexual expression, neither they were required to make out, or use their tongues.
It was a simple and innocent kiss between two friends.

All we can say is Congratulations to both Matt and Bobby for their record breaking effort of non-stop kissing.
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