World's Longest Pizza set Guinness World Record 2010 - Poland

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                             World's Longest Pizza picture

Krakow:   Residents of the Polish city of Krakow on Sunday attempted to break the world record for the longest pizza in the world.

The current record for the largest pizza is 407 meters (445 yards), but the Poles are trying to break it with one reaching over 1,000 meters (1093 yards).

Proceeds from the project will go to a charity, assisting people in comas.
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                        World's Longest Pizza photo

Chef Grzegorz Kaszubski said some 3.5 tons of flour was used to make the dough.

Raymond Marshall from the Guinness World Records was on hand measuring the finished pizza.

"For the pizza to be the longest in the world, it has to be one single piece, so it cannot be small individual pizzas," Marshall said.

"The current record is 407 meters and today we are hoping to achieve more than one thousand meters, which is over a kilometer."

It has not yet been officially announced whether the Krakovians managed the record or not.

Poland - World's Longest Pizza set Guinness World Record 2010 - Video
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