World’s Longest Cake set world record 2010 - Indonesia’s 65th Independence Day

65 years of independence in Indonesia is celebrated in style at the Kalimalang Festival in Jakarta. The Indonesian Tourism Academy and the Indonesian Chef Association, ICA, teamed up to create the world’s longest ever cake. And the Indonesian World Record Museum was on hand to make the award official.

[J. Ngadri, Indonesian World Record Museum]:
“Today is a culinary record. Indonesian World Record Museum has had some culinary records before, but all of them have been beaten. Now we have a new record in the longest category, it’s 227 meter of tapai cake. This cake is the longest ever made by Indonesians. We noted the previous record was a Swiss Roll cake, which only reached about 170 meters long.”

The record-breaking tapai cake was made by 30 Akpindo students with 20 professional chefs from ICA. It was five days in the making.

It was made using three quintals of cassava tape, 150 kilograms of flour, and 16 thousand eggs.

The cost came to 50 million rupiah.

To help welcome Indonesia’s 65th Independence Day, the committee chose tapai cake as the cake to break the new record.

The tapai cake is one of Indonesia's traditional foods that need to be popularized.

The record setting length of 227 meter came as a surprise to the committee.

[Paryoto, Indonesian Tourism Academy]:
“Our target is 210 meters; 210 meters means this year we celebrate Independence Day in 2010, to make it possible we decrease the 2010 to become 210.”

[Setiyanto. Indonesian Chef Association]:
“We are very proud because we have set a new record, it’s very special because this is a special Indonesian dessert, and this event helps to popularize it. What make us even more proud is that the cake, at 227 meters, exceeded our 210 meter target.”

At the end of the event, the record-breaking tapai cake was distributed to the public and festival visitors.

Indonesia’s 65th Independence Day - World’s Longest Cake set world record 2010 Video
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