World’s Largest Pookalam or floral carpet Enters Limca Book of Record by Children - Kerala

Children supported by an NGO celebrated Onam and entered the Limca Book of Records with the world's largest pookalam or floral carpet in Kerala, a statement said.

The record-breaking 14,400 square foot Pookalam was created in three hours using 12.5 tonnes of flowers at the Lulu Convention Centre, Thrissur.
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The floral carpet was created by 150 children who were supported by New Delhi-based NGO Goonj and 40 employees of white goods maker Whirlpool that was associated with the venture.

Officials from the Limca Book of World Records looked on as the children created the marvel.

Shantanu Das Gupta, a top official of Whirlpool, said they were delighted with this performance and would like to congratulate the participants.

'I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Kerala for extending their support in our Share for a Cause project,' said Gupta.

Whirlpool had announced the launch of its social initiative where it joined hands with Goonj, working with under privileged children across the country.
World’s Largest Pookalam, World’s Largest floral carpet picture, Largest Pookalam in the world
                            World’s Largest Pookalam picture

As a part of the initiative Whirlpool donated a part of its sales during Onam to the NGO. Also, as a commitment to society, the company created multiple platforms to facilitate consumer participation in its wide-reaching social programme.
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