World's Largest Beans Pot set Guinness Book of World - Macedonia village

World's Largest Beans Pot set Guinness Book of World by Macedonia villagers

Thousands of people in Macedonia are celebrating after a giant pot of beans cooked in their village entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

Chief cook Ljupco Gievski and his six-member team spent a day carefully preparing the 3,150 litre beans pot, which was officially proclaimed by a Guinness judge as the largest ever made in the world.

The jubilant chef, who had cooked the dish at the request of the people of Sarcievo village near Stip, said on Sunday: “The bean tasted delicious, it had all the ingredients it needs.”

About 400 kilos of beans, 200 kilos of bacon, nine kilos of onions and large quantities ,f other ingredients were used to prepare the beans according to a traditional Macedonian recipe called “Tetovsko Grafche”.

The preparations for the big event started early in the morning as big crowds amassed to watch the spectacle.

Several thousand people sampled the specialty after six hours of cooking.

The bean dish is considered a traditional meal in Macedonia with many variations from region to region.

The previous record was held by a group of students from the US town of Horace, North Dakota who in 2002 managed to prepare 1.342 litres of beans.
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