World Oldest Fifa World Cup Volunteer - Amrit Daya

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WHO says you can not have a ball at 80? Nelson Mandela Bay’s Amrit Daya is believed to be the oldest World Cup volunteer Fifa has ever had – and the evergreen Malabar resident is still reveling in it even though Cup fever has died down.
Not only is he putting together a collection of newspaper clippings, photographs and other football memorabilia, he is also in the process of getting a Fifa approval stamp on his accomplishment.
“I am busy getting the fact that I am the oldest ever World Cup volunteer certified by Fifa. I’ve also approached Guinness World Records to claim the record. But because no official records were held since the tournament started in 1930, Guinness would not recognise it,” Daya said.
A healthy and active Daya, who has been on retirement for 16 years, has become quite a celebrity since he became a Fifa volunteer.
“I’ve been on CNN, BBC, SATV,, AFP, Reuters and Morning Live, and that is just the television side of things. I’ve been in newspapers and on websites all over the world,” said Daya, who was 79 when the World Cup was on. He turned 80 on July 18.
Daya, who was responsible for meeting all Fifa delegates and VIPs at the Port Elizabeth Airport, said his age was never an obstacle.
“I am very fit and healthy. I think with my interview (to become a volunteer) they expected an old man with a beard and a stick, but I sure surprised them,” he quipped.
He decided to become a volunteer as he had been involved with community and charitable work since his retirement. “I thought this was a way to step it up a bit. A moment like this will definitely not come my way again.”
His World Cup experience lead to various “golden moments in his golden years”, he said.
“Not only did I do my bit for the tournament, I also turned 80 on the same day as Nelson Mandela. I celebrated my 60th wedding anniversary, my wife’s 77th birthday, my son’s 50th birthday and my granddaughter graduated.”
Daya said he attributed his longevity to regular yoga sessions and breathing exercise. He set some criteria for those who wanted to break his World Cup record. “I always joke that you have to be able to exercise daily, wash and polish your car and be a teetotaler.”

World Oldest Fifa World Cup Vounteer - Amrit Daya Video
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