Two moons on 27 August 2010 - double moon August 27 Greatest Event on Earth

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Two moons on 27 August 2010 - double moon August 27 Greatest Event on Earth.

Two moons 2010 & Mars August 2010: double moon August 27 was nothing but a big hoax. Two moons in the sky, visibility of the Mars in the sky drives the claim of two moons

Astronomers reject the claim that the Mars will look like a moon on Friday night’s sky. Instead they said that the Mars will appear at dusk along with the Moon. But it will never emit light as the Moon does. The Mars can only make a pinprick of light in the sky.

It was largely spread on email forwards that the Mars along with the Moon will make two moons in the sky on 27th August Friday. But the reality is explained by experts as that the Mars will just come into sight close to the Venus. However it will be some 195 million miles away from the Earth.

More than that the Mars will never look like the Moon. It will just be a pinprick of light in the sky. Compared with the Moon on the same night, the Mars will be 400 times smaller. It can be visible in the western sky at dusk.

In other words, the Mars on Friday night will have an apparent diameter of almost 4.4 arcseconds. In the same time the Moon will have about 29.5 arcseconds. That really indicates the difference between the planet and the Moon. From these facts it can easily be understood that there won’t be any two moons phenomenon in the sky tonight as it is advertised.

However people can watch the Mars on Friday night. But there won’t be any astronomical significance for this event. Along with the Mars, Venus and Saturn will formulate a wonderful grouping at the western horizon.

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