Italy Scooter riders in Humber Bridge world record attempt

Hundreds of scooter enthusiasts have taken part in an procession across the Humber Bridge in an attempt to try to break a world record.

Organisers said 875 people had formed a continuous line of scooters from the start of the Humber Bridge to the Barton interchange on Saturday.
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                            Italy Scooter riders picture

They said they believed they had beaten the world record of more than 500 scooter riders, set in Italy.

Organiser George Holdness said they were delighted with the event.

The procession was organised by the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Scooter Scene (GCSS) and the Yorkshire Scooter Alliance (YSA).

Mr Holdess said they had been joined by Andrew White from Leeds band the Kaiser Chiefs, who is a keen scooter enthusiast.

He added that they awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records as to whether their record attempt had been successful.
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