World's Fastest painting - Parijoy Saha

Parijoy Saha making paintings with his fingers, nails and palm in less than one minute each.

Parijoy Saha make wonderful paintings with white glue and water colour using his fingers , nails and palm and donot use brushes or any other tools to make his paintings.

The methods of painting are his own ideas and he has not learnt them from anywhere.

he has been featured in the ripley's believe it or not and his name has been in the limca book of records for the three years for his artistic talent and achievements.

"Parijoy Saha, an artist from Behala , India , completes many of his paintings in under a minute and at his fastest has completed a painting in less than a second!"

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                                          Parijoy Saha Fastest painting photo

PLEASE GO THROUGH MY BLOG to see my paintings and to see me making them.You will also get to know more about my unusual art.In this blog you can see me making the painting in less than one second, which has also appeared in the Limca Book of Records, published in India , for being the fastest finger painting besides being written about by the Ripley’s Believe It or Not. I have in this blog revealed many of my novel methods. You can actually see me making paintings with my nails, finger and palm in under a minute. Anybody can learn these novel methods free of cost.

Anybody is free to download and print the pictures of my unusual paintings from this blog.

Also kindly go through my blog to know about my experiences of lunacy.I was born sane but grew up to become a lunatic. However I have been under medication for almost eight years now and have almost recovered now.

List of Fastest finger painting Records.

(1) LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS, 2005 EDITION, PAGE 98:-My name is in the Limca Book of Records, 2005 edition, page 98, for making colourful paintings with my fingers and palm, without the use of brushes, in less than 40 to 60 seconds each. It also says that I specialize in works made by mixing fevicol and water colours.

(2) LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2006 EDITION , PAGE - 89:-My name has come in the Limca book of records ,2006 edition, page 89, for having made the fastest finger painting in just two seconds.

(3) LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2007 EDITION , PAGE - 165:-My name has also appeared in the Limca book of records in their 2007 edition , page 165, for having made this fastest finger painting in 0.92 second ,that is, in less than one second.This is an current Indian record.

(4) SHABAASH INDIA :-I made 50 paintings in 1 hour and 27 minutes ,using my nails, fingers and palms, a screwdriver and a spatula for this show on Zee tv.

World's Fastest painting in less than a second Video.

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