World Loudest Vuvuzela Blow by a Crowd set World Record 2010 - Netherland

World Loudest Vuvuzela Blow by a Crowd photo, picture, Vuvuzela Blow Holland Netherland, mayor of Hoogezand-Sappemeer event
Around 300 people in a small town in the Netherlands have come together to set the world record for the loudest vuvuzela blow by a crowd.

Observers were on-hand with decibel meters for what organisers call the first ever officially-monitored vuvuzela blow.

The meter-long plastic horns have drawn the ire of football fans across the globe during this year's World Cup. It was the negative response to the vuvuzelas that first gave the mayor of Hoogezand-Sappemeer the idea to organize the event.

"It's not awful. It's just fun to have a toy like that and make a lot of noise with it so I thought, okay, we try and make a spectacle from it and we try to make as much noise as you can possibly make from a vuvuzela. And we succeed today," boasted mayor Yvonne van Maastrigt.

According to officials, the vuvuzela-blowing crowd managed to create a sound at a constant level of 110.1 decibels, with peaks as high as 127.5 decibels. A plane on an airport runway, a jackhammer, or a cymbal crashing all usually generate roughly 120 decibels of noise.

The event was organized ahead of the Netherlands football team's World Cup match against Cameroon.

World Loudest Vuvuzela Blow by a Crowd set World Record 2010 Video
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