Terrafugia - First Flying Car in the world 2010 - Flying Car Launch 2011

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How do you feel when you are stuck in a traffic jam?  Frustrated, right!  Well, what if I say the solution to keep the traffic jam away is here.  Yes, you can now turn your car on the road in an aeroplane in just 30 seconds.

The good news is that the US aviation authority has given the green signal for the commercial production of such a vehicle.

The Terrafugia Transition is a two seater car built by a small American company from Massachusetts, Terrafugia Inc, and developed by former NASA engineers.Terrafugia Transition is a light sports aircraft but can also move like a car. Just recently the news broke of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) adopted the production of Transition, despite weighing 50 pounds more than allowed under the category of light aircraft.

People are able to buy flying cars in 2011. A US venture company said that a new flying car would be sold next year. The Terrafugia Transition can be driven on public roads as well as fly on the sky because it has wings. The wings will fold in when it is in car mode. It take around 30 seconds to convert to flight mode.

The FAA allows the vehicle to fly because it falls into the category of light aircraft. For that weigh less than 544 kilos. The Terrafugia Transition weighs 1320 pounds, nearly 600 kilos (is able to carry the two-seater that offers its interior). For this reason, avoid putting all necessary safety equipment a car to meet weight limits.

The Terrafugia Transition uses a Rotax 912 S engine four-stroke, which develops 100 horsepower and is capable of reaching speeds of 80 mph when in the ground, or 115 mph and cruising speed in the air, offering at this Thus, a range of 460 miles with the fuel tank of 20 gallons.
world First Flying Car 2010, Discover sky flying car image,flying car cost price around U.S. $ 200,000
                    World’s First Flying Car Terrafugia Transition picture

This “vehicle” that can be parked in a conventional garage has four wheels and two wings, with an area of 8 meters and also has a propeller at the rear. It will have a flight range of over 700 miles, for two people, maximum speed of 185 km / h can be transformed by the aircraft pilot car in just 30 seconds.

The flying car will cost around U.S. $ 200,000 in the U.S. and the company claims to have already received 70 orders, bringing forward a deposit of $ 10,000. Vehicle Deliveries will begin in late 2011.

Richard Gersh, vice-president for Terrafugia, said, “Our schedule calls for the first delivery to be made prior to the end of 2011. We currently have in excess of 70 orders, which is about a two-year backlog.”

World’s First Flying Car Terrafugia Transition Video
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