Radha Kant Bajpai - Longest ear hair in the world set world record

Radha Kant Bajpai - World's longest ear hair set world record

An Indian man is trying to break his own world record for having the longest ear hair.

Radha Kant Bajpai, 55, has the longest ear hair in the world, setting the Guinness world record in 2005 with his tufts of hair measuring 13.2 centimetres long.

But Bajpai has decided that enough is not enough and has announced he wants to break his own record.
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                Radha Kant Bajpai longest ear hair

"I used to think of Guinness world record but at that time my ear hair was only 5 to 6 centimetres long so I asked for advice from my relatives and some of my journalist friends who told me that if you grow your hair till 10 to 12 centimetres then you can apply for the records. So I achieved this measurement of 13.2 centimetres at the age of 50 and then I also achieved my record."

Relatives in Bajpai's home town of Kanpur city in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, say they're proud of his achievements.

"This is a great achievement. At first society used to taunt him and a few people even came and asked him why he was growing his ear hair. They said he wouldn't receive any record for this and he used to tell them that one day he would get some kind of result. Then by God's grace it was a record and the same people today say that he has really achieved something in his life," Shiv Shakti Pandey said.

Bajpai is meticulous when it comes to maintenance, and makes frequent visits to his local barber.
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