Non-stop gaming set Guinness World Record by Dutch gamers

Non-stop playing game set Guinness World Record 2010 by Dutch gamers

On Friday, six Dutch gamers broke the Guinness World Book for Records for non-stop gaming, playing Red Dead Redemption for a whopping 50 hours straight on a Sony PlayStation 3.

Reports say they could have kept going, but unanimously decided that they had had enough.

The 50-hour marathon blows away the previous record set last September by Chirantan Patnaik from India with an impressive continuous playing time of 40 hours and 20 minutes.

The team of six champion gamers included Edward and Maykel Leest, Hengelo Sven de Vries, Renzo Bos, Robbie van Eijkeren and Marcel van Waardenburg. The award was given out by an official Guinness representative who was flown in from London especially for the occasion.

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In addition to being able to make their claim to fame, each of the gamers took home a cash prize of 1,000 Euros for their accomplishment, as well as a TwistDock, docking station, a new gadget that keeps your controllers charged; adds more USB ports, neatly hides all  your cables and makes spare charger available with a little spin of the dock.

Vogels, based in the Netherlands, who also created and sponsored the event, created the gadget which the gamers used during their play.  No availability date has been set for Canada, but TwistDock is expected to arrive in the US in Q4.
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