Modu - World’s lightest smallest mobile phone set Guinness World Record

Modu has finally released its Modu 1 handset in the UK, a device which is recognised by Guinness World Records as the lightest phone on the planet.

After years of it being fashionable to have the smallest cellphone possible, the recent trend has been more for ever-larger touchscreen handsets. But one company is bucking that trend with what it calls the world’s smallest phone.

The Israeli-made Modu 1 earned accreditation for that claim from Guinness World Records in 2008. It’s now commercially available, making its major market debut in the United Kingdom.

The handset is 71.1 x 37.6 x 7.8 mm (2.8 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches) and weighs 43g. To put that into context, it’s roughly the size of a stack of 10 credit cards and actually weighs slightly less.

The size is the only real selling point. It does have several features which are impressive given its size, such as 2GB of on-board storage and an MP3 player, but most of its features are things you’d expect from even the cheapest phone. There’s a 1.3 inch screen, which takes up about 40% of the front of the handset.

The Modu 1, however, isn’t cheap. It’s sold SIM-free and unlocked and launches at £129.99 (a hair under US$200). There are also a range of clip-on decorative jackets which start at around £30 ($50).

As well as announcing the sales launch of the Modu 1, the manufacturers announced its working on the Modu T which runs along the same lines but with a 1.6 inch touchscreen, which should make it the smallest touchscreen phone on the market. Unlike the Modu 1, the jackets will add extra functions such as a camera or a digital photo frame, though goodness only know who’d want the latter with such a tiny device.

It’s tough to see why anyone would actually want to buy one of these. The best I can come up with is that it might do for somebody who is happy enough with their Wi-Fi availability to get an iPod touch rather than an iPhone, but still wants basic phone capabilities. Still, two hundred bucks is a lot of money to save a few centimeters of pocket space.

Modu - World’s lightest smallest mobile phone Video
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