Longest period of mid air walking - China Tightrope Walker set Guinness Record

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Legendary tightrope walker Adili Wushouer has broken the Guinness World Record for steel wire walking at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, after living and walking above the Beijing 2008 Olympic venue for 60 days.

Adili, known as the Prince of Tightrope Walking, came down to the ground by wire to cheers from hundreds of spectators.

The tightrope walker managed to spend 60 days living above the stadium, walking for at least five hours every day on a 60-metre (197 feet) high steel wire, measuring just 3.3 centimetres (1.29 inches) in diameter.

Adili, who has already held five Guinness World Records for various stunts, is the most famous tightrope walker in China. But never satisfied, Adili wanted to break his own record of longest time walking on a wire, so he began the challenge on May 3.

In front of officials from Guinness and hundreds of spectators, Adili completed his final several kilometres and landed on the ground while holding a Chinese national flag on Friday morning and was awarded the Guinness Record certificate afterwards.

Adili was recorded to have spent a total of 198 hours and 33 minutes walking on the wire: "Today is the happiest day of my life. The Guinness record does not only belong to myself. It is a record for all the Chinese people. It is also a record of the Uighur Dawazi which has a history of more than 2,000 years in Xinjiang region."

Wire walking, named "Dawazi" in western China, is a traditional sport of the Uighurs, an ethnic group originating from northwestern China. In his previous record in 2002, Adili lived for 25 consecutive days above the ground and tightrope walked for a total of 123 hours and 48 minutes.

Longest period of mid air walking - Adili Wushouer set Guinness Book of  World Record 2010 Video

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