Most People Crocheting set Guinness World Record by Baseball Fans

Most People Crocheting Simultaneously Guinness World Record set by Baseball Fans at the Citi Field stadium.

More than 400 baseball fans set a new Guinness World Record last Saturday for most people crocheting in the same place for 15 minutes at the Citi Field stadium.

"Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, get your hooks ready!" cheered "Inside Edition" host and crafter Deborah Norville, who has her own line of yarn.

She added: "Three, two, one, let's crochet!"

Fans crocheted away before the Amazin's took on the Marlins as folks from Guinness observed.

Most crafters - 427 in all - worked on a project in Mets-appropriate orange or blue yarn, and soon crocheted their way into the Guinness World Records.

"We've been Mets fans for a very long time," the New York Daily News quoted Norville, who came to the event with her hubby and kids, as saying.

Crochet diva Lily Chin, who co-chairs the National NeedleArts Association, which organized the event, said: "I thought this was a great team effort because baseball is a team sport. I thought it was brilliant."
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