Maximum Number of Stamps on a Parcel Guinness Record set by Manoj Kumar Mondal

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A man from West Bengal's Nadia district has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by using maximum number of stamps on a parcel.

The Guinness authorities confirmed the feat of Manoj Kumar Mondal, who had sent a parcel to their office in London using 3809 Indian postal stamps in March.

One stamp was of the denomination of 10 paise, 86 stamps were of 15 paise, 3649 stamps of 25 paise and 73 of Rs 10.

Earlier this month, he got a letter from the Guinness authorities saying that he has broken the record of Les Stewart, an Australian, who had used 3400 stamps in his parcel in 1999.

Mondal's parcel constituted the minimum postage that was required to send the parcel from Krishnagar to London, a Guinness spokesperson told PTI from London.

"The letter was written on a vinyl sheet of 2 by 3 feet. The weight of the parcel was 2 kg and 825 grams for which I had to buy the stamps of Rs 1655," Mondal said.
An employee of engineering section at the Nadia Zilla Parishad, Mondal said he had written a message on global warming to the Guinness authorities in the parcel, which broke the world record.
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