Highest Jump from Eiffel Tower in Paris set Guinness World Record - Taig Khris

Taig Khris French Skater has broken all world records ever achieved in the world of skating. The skater from France has achieved what can best be termed as a feat when he took a jump from a height of 41 feet and landed at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on his skates. This is surely the best freefall that the world has seen.

Falling from 12.5 meters or 41 feet can be quite dangerous and in-line skating champion Taig Khris has done just that this Saturday. His fall not only goes into the record books of the world of skating but also in the world of extreme freefalls. The roller skater has set a new world record by jumping from the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
While the extreme in-line skater fell from a height of 41 feet, he fell ten meters below and landed safely on a 30 meters high ramp.

Speaking to the media after his great fall, Taig Khris said that he had performed the feat only to show to the world that nothing is impossible. If people can dream, they can also achieve what they have always dreamt and never thought would be possible says the in-line skater, adding that never before in his life has he felt so excited and happy. The adrenaline rush that he experienced during the fall was simply awesome, said Taig Khris.
The feat achieved, Taig Khris has defeated the 8.53 meters record previously held Danny Way, the American had earlier set the record of a jump from the highest position.

Guinness world record by jumping from the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - Taig Khris French Skater Video

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