Distilleria Bottega set Guinness World Record for biggest grappa bottle - ITALY

ITALY. Italian liquor producer Distilleria Bottega has set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest bottle of grappa ever produced.

The bottle, created by Distilleria Bottega's artisans, is 1.86 metres tall and contains 138 litres of prosecco grappa.
                             Biggest grappa bottle picture

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Michael Sean Whitty measured the bottle and witnessed it being filled with grappa in the Sant’Artemio Park in Treviso on 6 June, with almost 6,000 people looking on.

The bottle required eight months of preparation, 200 hours of work and the skill of six Venetian glass-blowers. It has a diameter of 25cm, a circumference of 110cm and is 5cm thick.

Distilleria Bottega President Sandro Bottega dedicated the bottle to the Province of Treviso, to promote the culinary culture of the area.

Proceeds from the sale of the tickets to the record-breaking event were donated to the Alberto Rizzotti Association ADVAR, which assists the terminally ill and their families.

About Distilleria Bottega

Based in Bibano, in the Prosecco area, 25 miles north of Venice, Distilleria Bottega has been producing award-winning grappas, wines and liquors since the 1970s. The winemaking and distillation process aims to be eco-friendly. Distilleria Bottega sells its products in 110 countries and produces 6 million bottles per year. Its hand-blown Murano glass bottles are made according to the Venetian glass-blowing tradition. The Alexander grappa line is sold worldwide and has won many design awards.
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