Boy set world record 2010 - Wearing the Most Pairs of Underpants at once

A10 year old Boy Wearing the Most Pairs of Underpants at same time set world record 2010

Jack Singer of Warwick, N.Y., may not have been born when that episode originally aired back in 1996, but in my mind, for his 10th birthday this past weekend, Jack decided to be the anti-Joey Tribbiani. You see, Jack wore nothing but lots and lots of underwear. 215 pairs, in fact — at the same time, breaking the previous record of 200. Yes, there was actually a previous record, and, yes, people are kind of strange.

As News 12 Long Island reported, it took about 18 minutes for Singer's parents and relatives to pull up every pair of underwear. Singer initially stood and held onto a chair for balance, but after his feet started to fall asleep at pair 195, he was moved to the floor, where he was laid down and had the remaining 20 pairs slipped on. According to, the 215 pairs weighed more than 30 pounds.

And in case you think he did this because he lost a bet (or maybe I just thought that), then, well, you don't know Jack. Sure, he broke a world record, but the impetus behind this was charitable. Instead of wanting gifts for his birthday, Singer wanted people to donate cash, which will go toward helping Sgt. Eddie Ryan, a marine injured in Iraq five years ago.
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