Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

Longest Dance Performance World Record set by danseuse Kalamadnalam Hemalatha

Longest Dance Performance photo, Kerala danseuse Kalamadnalam Hemalatha picture, Bharathanatyam dance record, Guinness Book of World Records 2010
                            Longest Dance Performance picture

Seeking to make her way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest dance performance, well-known danseuse Kalamadnalam Hemalatha started a five-day-five night 'Mohiniyattam' presentation in Thrissur on Monday.

Hemalatha, a product of Kerala's premier art school Kerala Kalamandalam, will perform from 9 AM to 9 PM till she achieves the long-cherished goal.

Before beginning the show,Hemalatha, however, said personal glory was not the sole purpose, but to showcase to the world the glory of Mohiniyattam, Kerala's contribution to Indian dance traditions.

"My aim is not just a Guinness Record. Mohiniyattam is the traditional art form of Kerala and I would like to spread its glory all over the world. If I can set a world record by performing the art, it will surely get global attention," she said.
The current Guinness record for the longest dance performance is held by Hyderabad-based Dr Vattikkota Yaadagiri Acharya who performed continuously for 108 hours, she said, adding that she wished she could break the record.

After graduating from Kalamandalam, Hemalatha also took a degree in Bharathanatyam from Bharathidasan University in Tiruchirapalli and MA (Bharathanatyam) from Indira Kala Viswa Vidyalaya, a deemed university at Chattisgarh.
She has given performances in various classical dance forms in India and abroad over the years.

Maximum Number of Stamps on a Parcel Guinness Record set by Manoj Kumar Mondal

Largest Stamp Collection photo, Maximum Number of Stamps on a Parcel picture, Manoj Kumar Mondal stamps collection image
A man from West Bengal's Nadia district has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by using maximum number of stamps on a parcel.

The Guinness authorities confirmed the feat of Manoj Kumar Mondal, who had sent a parcel to their office in London using 3809 Indian postal stamps in March.

One stamp was of the denomination of 10 paise, 86 stamps were of 15 paise, 3649 stamps of 25 paise and 73 of Rs 10.

Earlier this month, he got a letter from the Guinness authorities saying that he has broken the record of Les Stewart, an Australian, who had used 3400 stamps in his parcel in 1999.

Mondal's parcel constituted the minimum postage that was required to send the parcel from Krishnagar to London, a Guinness spokesperson told PTI from London.

"The letter was written on a vinyl sheet of 2 by 3 feet. The weight of the parcel was 2 kg and 825 grams for which I had to buy the stamps of Rs 1655," Mondal said.
An employee of engineering section at the Nadia Zilla Parishad, Mondal said he had written a message on global warming to the Guinness authorities in the parcel, which broke the world record.

Zaw Bala Aung - Current World’s Shortest Man in Burma

New World’s Smallest Man photo, Current Shortest Man in the world, Tiny man Zaw Bala Aung picture, Guinness World Records 2010
                    World’s Smallest Man Zaw Bala Aung Photo
At a mere 25 inches (63.5 centimetres) tall, Zaw Bala Aung had lofty dreams of breaking a Guinness World Record, but at 10 years old, he will not officially qualify for the world’s shortest man for another eight years.

The boy, also known as Balagyi, was born in a Burmese village called Htanpoutkone in Kyaukpadaung Township on March 10, 2000, the second child of four and the only son for parents Win Lwin and Khin Hla. However, he is the only one of his siblings with primordial dwarfism and weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), with a head circumference of 13 inches (33 centimetres).

Yesterday he and his family decided it was time to throw his name in the hat for the title of the world’s shortest man and held a press conference at Karaweik Hall in Burma’s former capital, Rangoon.

“He was medically examined and his medical record is fine,” said a reporter named Khin who was representing the family. “His bone growth had stopped.”

Khin said they recently sent Zaw Bala Aung’s measurements and medical records to Guinness for consideration. Unfortunately, he will not pass the age test.

“To quality for the Guinness World Records title of world’s shortest man, claimants must be 18 years or older (assuming the first year of life is considered year 0, and not year 1),” the measurement body’s website says. “This is irrespective of sexual maturity or a society’s legal, ritualistic or religious coming of age.”

Supporting the entire family by selling shwe yin aye, a traditional Burmese dessert, his father said he was happy that they could do this for his son.

The Guinness World Records has yet to declare a successor to He Pingping, who held the title until March this year when he died at the age of 21. He measured 2 foot, five inches or 74.61 centimetres. 

However, Zaw Bala Aung has competition. Nepalese teenager Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 17 years and eight months and reaches only 20 inches, claims he should be officially verified as the world’s shortest man, but the official body has rejected the claim, at least for another four months.

Students Dress as Mahatma Gandhi set Limca Book of Record - Tamil Nadu,India

Students Dress as Mahatma Gandhi photo, picture, Limca Book of Record 2010, spread Gandhi's message
In an effort to spread Gandhi's message of peace and non -violence, about 255 students from a school in Coimbatore city of southern India's Tamil Nadu state dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi.

Draped in white 'dhotis', or unsewn cloth, and sporting fake moustaches and spectacles they walked along holding bamboo canes and singing the 'Vande Mataram' song.

The students set a record and got the event registered in Limca Book of Records, a record book of Indian origin.

"For them it is a question of giving inspiration to the rest of the country's children that not to forget the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was the father of the Nation after all," said Aarthy, Editor, Limca Book of Record.

In keeping with the spirits of the event, 52 of the 255 students chose to actually shave their heads. Others covered their hair with cloth to look as if they were bald.

"Gandhi is the father of our nation and he loved peace and non-violence. I am very proud to be as Gandhi for a day, for this Guinness World Record, very proud," said participant Karthic Barathi.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, pioneered the philosophy of nonviolent resistance and was a major figure in the struggle for Indian independence. A Hindu radical assassinated him in 1948 in New Delhi.

Draped in white 'dhotis', or unsewn cloth, and sporting fake moustaches and spectacles they walked along holding bamboo canes and singing the 'Vande Mataram' song.The students set a record and got the event registered in Limca Book of Records, a record book of Indian origin."For them it is a question of giving inspiration to the rest of the country's children that not to forget the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was the father of the Nation after all," said Aarthy, Editor, Limca Book of Record. In keeping with the spirits of the event, 52 of the 255 students chose to actually shave their heads.

Others covered their hair with cloth to look as if they were bald."Gandhi is the father of our nation and he loved peace and non-violence. I am very proud to be as Gandhi for a day, for this Guinness World Record, very proud," said participant Karthic Barathi.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, pioneered the philosophy of nonviolent resistance and was a major figure in the struggle for Indian independence. A Hindu radical assassinated him in 1948 in New Delhi.

World's Largest Yoga Class set World Record 2010 - Standard Hotels and Jetblue

World's Largest Yoga Class photo, Biggest Yoga Class in New York picture and video
What does it look like when 10,000 people downward dog? Well, something like what we saw yesterday evening in New York City's Central Park, when Flavorpill partnered up with the likes of Standard Hotels and Jetblue to create a world record for the largest yoga class ever.

a whim to check it out, after registering last-minute and printing our free ticket. With the class scheduled to start at 7pm, the line to enter at 6pm snaked through what seemed like half of the park, coiling down paths, under bridges, over rocks and down grassy hills.

The offer of a free tote, Gaiam yoga mat and more sure helped get the word out, and by 7:30pm we were all an example of the power of social media when mixed with free stuff and the outdoors as we began to do downward dogs, sun salutations and cobras until rainclouds surprised everyone.
World's Largest Yoga Class in usa photo, Guinness World Records 2010, Standard Hotels and Jetblue, largest yoga event video

When all was said and done, over 13,000 had registered for the event and they made the record. If only the weather had cooperated, we'd have seen 10,000 people doing far more advanced poses, but don't worry too much; there'll be a rain date.
Dharma Mittra led the crowd in a chanting of "Om" before Brower taught a single sun salutation before the Parks Department required the event be shut down for rain. "Twenty thousand hands and ten thousand hearts full of gratitude later, the rain poured down," Brower wrote today on her blog.

Not all was lost. Participants spent a couple hours mingling in the sunshine before the yoga itself began, enjoying one another's company and entertainment by musical performer Reggie Watts, and taking in the sheer scale of the experience.

"This isn't just a yoga event, it's a cultural event," said Mark Mangan, co-founder of Flavorpill, who hosted the event. Flavorpill's other founder, Sascha Lewis, is a longtime yoga student of Brower's.
"Take your practice home with you. Be in the moment. Celebrate life. This is what it's all about," he told the crowd of anticipating yogis, minutes before the rain.

World's Largest Yoga Class in New York set Guinness World Records 2010 Video

Hayabusa Space Probe - Longest ever space journey set world record 2010

Hayabusa Space Probe photo, Japan's space agency, Longest ever space journey picture, video
Hayabusa Space Probe - Longest ever space journey set Guinness World Records 2010 by Japan's space agency

Japan's space agency has applied for a Guinness World Records listing after its Hayabusa space probe returned from a seven-year journey to an ancient asteroid, an official said Tuesday.
Hayabusa, "falcon" in Japanese, left Earth in 2003 and returned late Sunday, completing a five-billion-kilometre (three-billion-mile) round trip to the potato-shaped Itokawa asteroid.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, on Monday applied to the London-based Guinness World Records to list Hayabusa's trailblazing journey, an official with the agency said.

"We are seeking its recognition as the first-ever spacecraft that landed on and returned from a celestial body other than the moon, and also for completing the longest ever (space) journey," the official said.
JAXA is not seeking recognition of the total distance Hayabusa travelled as it is a rough estimate and not scientifically important, she said.

                                  Hayabusa Space Probe picture

As planned, the spacecraft burned up on re-entering Earth's atmosphere, creating a fireball in the night sky over the Australian desert.

Before its fiery end, it released a heatproof sample canister which scientists hope contains material from the asteroid's surface to give them clues on the origins of the solar system.

The pod, which made a textbook parachute landing in the Australian Outback, is to leave Thursday for Japan for analysis.

Anna man set Guinness world record for deep voice

Anna man photo, Guinness world record for deep voice picture, video, lowest note recorded
ANNA, IL (KFVS) - Lots of people try to break Guinness Book of World Records, but have you ever met someone who's actually done it? Roger Menees of Anna is now the record holder for the "lowest note recorded by a human voice."

Roger Menees says he's always been known for his low-singing voice, and now, after two attempts, he can finally say he holds a world record for the deep sound.

Whether it's in church or bands, Roger has been singing most of his life. His friends and family knew his deep voice stood out from the rest and encouraged him to try for the Guinness record.

"I never heard another bass singer sing lower than me,"Menees said. "I thought if I'm going to do this, I'd better do it now."

What's more? While we think he sounds pretty low, Roger says he was pretty congested during the interview. He also says the record-holding sound would actually require a special bass microphone to even hear it.

"The record gets down below singing voice," he said.

Guinness also required Roger to have two college music professors be present when he recorded the low note. Roger says he'll now use his voice to get back to gospel singing, but he'll be ready to try again for the title if someone else tries to beat his world record.

"When God gives you the honor to have this ability to have a low-voice, then it's up to me to practice it up and exercise it," he said. "It doesn't seem to be out of the normal for me though, something God gave me to do."

Roger said proving you have the Guinness record is a very timely process.

You need patience and diligence. Just as soon as he made the first attempt, someone else had mailed in a recording and beat the old record, so he had to do it again.

It was with mixed emotions Roger beat the record of one of his favorite singers, J. D. Sumner who sang bass sometimes with Elvis Presley.


Most people bouncing on space hoppers at once set World Record

At 2pm on Sunday 20th June on Upper Mount St, Dublin 2, outside the Pepper Canister Church, at least 1,500 people established a new world record for the most people bouncing on space hoppers at once.
bouncing on space hoppers picture, photo, video, Guinness Book Of World Records 2010

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A space hopper, also known as a skippyball, kangaroo ball, bouncer, hoppity hop, or hop ball, is a rubber ball (similar to an exercise ball) with handles which allow one to sit on it without falling off. The goal is to hop around with it, using the elastic properties of the ball to move forward.

The term "space hopper" is more common in the UK; the toy is less familiar in the United States, and may be known as a "hoppity hop" or some other name. A similar toy popular in the U.S. in the 1980s was the pogo ball, which has a hard plastic ring encircling the ball instead of a handle.

World's greatest wing-walker set World Record by Ashley Battles

A Tulsa, Okla., woman set a new world endurance record by wing walking four hours above San Francisco on a World War II-era biplane, observers say.

Wearing an iPod, Ashley Battles stood, walked, stretched and danced to Christian music from noon to 4 p.m. on the 33-foot wing of a Super 450 Boeing Stearman, breaking the previous wing-walking record of 3 hours, 23 minutes set by a Frenchman in 1990, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday.
World's greatest wing walker photo, Ashley Battles picture,wing walker dance video
       World's greatest wing-walker Ashley Battles photo

"Just knowing I am now the world's greatest wing-walker, it was so overwhelming I started crying," Battles, 27, said after disembarking at Gnoss Field Airport Saturday, in Novato. "But I'll tell you, every part of my body aches. Even my eyes are swollen,"

Battles reportedly endured hurricane-force winds, frigid temperatures and bugs, but she said her biggest worry was birds.

"One bird is all it takes to kill me," she said. "The force would just crush everything in my body. I get covered with millions of bugs, but I hold my breath every time I see a bird."

Battles studied at Oklahoma State University to be a pilot but became bored and turned to wing-walking, the newspaper said.

"It was like a light went on. I knew I was meant to do this," she said. "But it's so hard up there. I hope I make it look easy. And now I'm fortunate to be the very best at what I do."

Non Stop TV Watching set Guinness World Record by Joanne and Alanah Argyrou

Non Stop TV Watching Guinness World Record 2010, picture, photo, Joanne and Alanah Argyrou, television Watching
Joanne and Alanah Argyrou, 22 and 24, set a new world record on Thursday after watching non stop 87 hours of uninterrupted television.

The women from Sydney's inner west called it quits about 6:00am AEST after beating the previous record of 86 hours held by Dutchman Efraim van Oeveren.

The feat still needs to be verified by officials from Guinness World Records, but organisers are confident the record will be recognised.

The sisters, self-professed soccer fanatics, outlasted two other couch potatoes: Tim Chan and Joel Martinot.

In between live World Cup matches, most of which are broadcast in the early hours of the morning, the competitors had a choice of watching recorded matches or soccer documentaries.

They were monitored by a team of officials who ensured the girls did not take their eyes off the screen for more than five seconds.

They were allocated one five-minute break every hour and were allowed no more than five cups of coffee per day.

The Argyrou sisters are now at home having a well-deserved rest.

Most People Dressed as Pirates set world Record - Pirate Festival 2010

Pirate Festival 2010, Pirates Dressed photo, costumed pirates picture, video, Guinness Book of World Records
Most People Dressed as Pirates in One Place set Guinness world Record 2010

A pirate festival in California hopes to have set a world record for the most people dressed as pirates in one place - with over 2,000 pirates coming together for a vast pirate-off.

The attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most costumed pirates in one place took place on Saturday, when nearly 2,300 pirates registered at the fourth annual Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo.

The attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most costumed pirates in one place took place on Saturday, when nearly 2,300 pirates registered at the fourth annual Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo.

Festival spokesperson Shannon Damnavits said that each pirate had to wear a red wristband, stand in one place for 10 minutes and be photographed in order for Guinness to officially recognize the pirate conglomeration.

The current title world record holder is England's own Brixham, where a gathering of 1,722 pirates was recorded.

Longest scream by Ozzy Osbourne Fans set Guinness World Record - California

Ozzy Osbourne picture, longest scream photo, loudest scream video, Guinness World Record 2010
                                Ozzy Osbourne photo

Before June 11, the world record for loudest scream was held by a group of Finnish Scouts and was measured at 127.2 dBA. The shouting was recorded on the grounds of Toivala's Metsäkoulu, Siilinjärvi, Finland on April 16, 2005. On June 11, during the fifth inning of a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Ozzy Osbourne convinced the stadium crowd of 52,000 to scream louder than that pack of Boy Scouts.

The event was called Scream for the Cure!, which was part of the stadium's ThinkCure! Weekend, an effort to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer. Last year, the event brought in more than $50,000. This year, at the very least, it achieved a new world record.

Osbourne entered the Dodgers' Stadium field with Stuart Claxton of Guinness World Records, who measured the length and intensity of the crowd's screams. "OK, when we start the countdown from 10 to one, I want to hear you all shout, scream!" Immediately the crowd reacted, and Ozzy shouted, "Start the clock." Instantly, the Jumbotron was turned into a 'Scream Cam' and about two minutes later, the record was in the books and Ozzy received a certificate that read, "The Guinness World Record led by Ozzy Osbourne for the longest scream by a crowd was broken at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. on June 11, 2010."

Osbourne's wife and manager Sharon battled with and beat colorectal cancer in 2002. 'Scream,' Osbourne's 11th studio album, comes out June 22.

Longest scream by Ozzy Osbourne Fans set Guinness World Record Video

World's largest Greek salad set Guinness World Record by Cretan people cook

World`s largest Greek salad photo, picture, video, image, Guinness Book of World Records, biggest Greek salad dish
                             World's largest Greek salad picture

The world’s largest Greek salad weighing 12 tons was cooked on Crete. Hundreds of volunteers who took part in this unprecedented project used 6,5 tons of tomatoes, 3 tons of cucumbers, 800 kg of Feta cheese and 500 kg of olive oil to cook the world famous dish.

Experts on Guinness Book of World Records have arrived in Crete. The campaign was initiated by the Cretan farmers to prove that they have been exporting high quality products.

World's largest street painting festival - Pasadena Chalk Festival 2010

PASADENA - The 18th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival over the weekend was not only the biggest in Pasadena history, but it was also declared the world's largest street-painting festival, officials said.

The two-day celebration attracted more than 100,000 visitors to the Paseo Colorado shopping center, 280 E. Colorado Blvd., organizers said.
Pasadena Chalk Festival picture, street painting photo, painting world record 2010
                     World's largest street painting festival picture
It was hosted by the Paseo Colorado and nonprofit art advocacy group the Light Bringer Project.

About 600 artists of all ages and skills created more than 180 murals in and around the grounds of the Paseo Colorado.

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records determined the event to be the largest street-painting festival on record, Light Bringer Project President

Tom Coston said.

"We think of it as a museum without walls," he said.
Pasadena Chalk Festival, Guinness World Records, largest street painting picture, image, video, photo
The event has continued getting larger through the years, Coston said. It's become so large that it's become an anticipated event in Pasadena among both artists and art lovers.

"This is the largest crowd in the history of the event," Coston said. "Really, it has a life of its own. I can't see it ever going away."

The artwork covered a space equivalent to about two city blocks.

Visitors not only get to see the finished works, but also are invited to watch the artists create their pieces during the event.

"(Visitors) start getting engaged with the artists," Coston said.

Many artists have formed friendships, partnerships and even marriages through the Pasadena Chalk Festival, he added, and there's a strong spirit of cooperation among the artists. Thirty percent have been participating in the festival for seven years or more.

Murals included portraits, fanciful and abstract creations, cartoons and everything in between. Some were made just for fun, while others carried political or social statements.

Fifteen students in grades six through eight from the Foshay Learning Center's "Room

13" art program in Los Angeles created two murals for the event titled "The Color of Art Defeats Darkness" and "The Heart of Love."

Sisters Rosemary Donis, 14, and Jennifer Donis, 13, worked on Room 13's murals for the second year.
                                     Pasadena Chalk Festival photo

"It's very inspirational seeing all the other artists," Rosemary said.

"The fun thing about this is getting your hands dirty," she added. "It makes you feel like a real artist."

Jennifer enjoyed participating because, "You can do whatever you want - be creative."

Artist Ron Lewis, 39, of Los Angeles, also known as "Rezin," created a summer fun-themed work titled, "The Water Fight," in which a pair of mischievous-looking boys are depicted playing with water guns and balloons in front of a tire swing hanging from a tree.

"This is my first chalk art," said Lewis, who has worked mainly as a graffiti artist.

"I thought about something that would be fun," he said of the inspiration behind the piece. "That's basically what I wanted to capture: kids having fun in the summer."

Jim and Stacy Rispin of Pasadena brought their children Ian, 8, and Emma, 3, to the event "just to see all the amazing things people can do with chalk," Stacy said.

The family also attended Pasadena's annual music festival Saturday.

"I love living here, where all this stuff is in our backyard," Stacy said.

In addition to the Paseo Colorado and Light Bringer Project, a host of other sponsors helped make the event possible, Coston said. For example, Blick Art Materials in Pasadena provided three boxes of chalk to each artist.

Though the festival's murals easily surpassed the 151 required for the world record, Coston said, it will take several weeks for the proper documentation to be filed and the record to become official.
Painting Gallery

Boy set world record 2010 - Wearing the Most Pairs of Underpants at once

A10 year old Boy Wearing the Most Pairs of Underpants at same time set world record 2010

Jack Singer of Warwick, N.Y., may not have been born when that episode originally aired back in 1996, but in my mind, for his 10th birthday this past weekend, Jack decided to be the anti-Joey Tribbiani. You see, Jack wore nothing but lots and lots of underwear. 215 pairs, in fact — at the same time, breaking the previous record of 200. Yes, there was actually a previous record, and, yes, people are kind of strange.

As News 12 Long Island reported, it took about 18 minutes for Singer's parents and relatives to pull up every pair of underwear. Singer initially stood and held onto a chair for balance, but after his feet started to fall asleep at pair 195, he was moved to the floor, where he was laid down and had the remaining 20 pairs slipped on. According to WAVY.com, the 215 pairs weighed more than 30 pounds.

And in case you think he did this because he lost a bet (or maybe I just thought that), then, well, you don't know Jack. Sure, he broke a world record, but the impetus behind this was charitable. Instead of wanting gifts for his birthday, Singer wanted people to donate cash, which will go toward helping Sgt. Eddie Ryan, a marine injured in Iraq five years ago.

Most Expensive Tattoo in the world 2010

Call me old fashioned or just plain boring, but body art especially tattoo’s is something I prefer to stay away from. But I definitely don’t look down upon those who love to get inked. In fact, I would be downright jealous of the person who can afford to flaunt the world’s most expensive tattoo.

Although it is not your traditional tattoo involving ink, it is a beautiful tattoo made of 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds. The tattoo was worn by South African model and Shimansky brand ambassador Minki van der Westhuizen and took more than 8 hours to create.

Shimansky used a water based adhesive to affix the diamonds to the model (Eventually, the formula had to be dissolved off Westhuizen’s skin). Valued at 7.2 million South African rands ($924,000), this shimmering tattoo is the world’s most expensive tattoo.

The luxury retailer is offering to recreate the tattoo for its clients through any of their eight South African or four international locations. A unique way to flaunt your love for diamonds, this beautiful tattoo promises to bedazzle one and all.

World Ducati Week 2010 - Ducati Record Set at WDW2010

Held at the Misano World Circuit in Italy, the World Ducati Week (WDW) 2010 event concluded successfully, with a record-breaking attendance of 60,000 riders, the manufacturer recently    announced. However, this was not a record set entirely by Italian Ducati owners.
Dubbed the ‘Red Planet Returns’, the event received visitors from around the world, including Ducati owners from Europe, USA, Australia, Russia and India, together with those from Brazil, China, Malaysia and even Gabon and Nepal.

Riders Franco Battaini, Troy Bayliss, Shane Byrne, Carlos Checa, Michel Fabrizio, Noriyuki Haga, Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner lined up for a drag race competition that featured Ducati Streetfighters. The race was won by Noriyuki Haga, closely followed by Nicky Hayden, and with Troy Bayliss in 3rd and Casey Stoner in 4th.
“While the Mangusta helicopter aerobatics display provided an incredible show in the air, stunt shows, vintage bike shows, motocross freestyle displays, dragsters and race track demonstrations by the Ducati Xerox Team provided the same on the
Click to enlarge [Ducati riders from all over the world attended]
Ducati riders from all over the world attended
ground. The event also staged concerts by four Ducati Bands, chosen from a list of local artists submitted by Ducatisti in the run-up to the event,” a company statement reads.

Also at the event, Italwin displayed and provided a testing area for their Ducati licensed electric bicycles including the ‘Ducati City Pearl’, while NCR presented their new Millona 16 motorcycle. Moreover, Taft organized a competition called ‘Style 'n' GO!’, while Toshiba presented the ‘Ducati Edition’ range of laptops and video cameras.

The last but not least, Ducati MotoGP Team sponsor, AMG-Mercedes also stunned the audience with the presentation of their new Mercedes SLK ‘Naked’, a model inspired by the Ducati Monster naked bike.

During the four days of WDW, a record 400,000 visits were also recorded on Ducati’s official Facebook page and over 60,000 people viewed the related videos on the Ducati YouTube channel.

Israel’s List Of Broken World Records

Israel, a country the size of New Jersey can only claim to the following achievements:

• Israel was established upon the ruins of another nation that it destroyed; Palestine

• Israel hold the world record in the number of towns & villages it ethnically cleansed…500+

• Israel holds the world record in the number of refugees it deported…4 million +

• Israel holds the world record in the number of homes it demolished…60 thousand +

• Israel is the country with the highest record of UN condemnation…500+ times

• Israel is the country with the highest number of protective US Security council vetoes…100+ times

• Israel has killed more innocent civilians per capita than any other country…50 thousand+

• Israel has imprisoned more civilians per capita than any other country…250 thousand+

• Israel has rendered more innocent civilians handicapped per capita than any other country…50 thousand+

• Israel has injured more innocent civilians per capita than any other country…200 thousand+

• Israel has only two countries to defend its policies in the United Nations. These countries are America & Micronesia. The population for Micronesia as of June 2008 is only 108,000

• Israel is the only country on Earth that denies the right of return of refugees

• Israel is the only country on Earth that still occupies a whole other country & parts of two other countries

• Israel is the only country on Earth that publicly, steals the water of its neighbors

• Israel is the only country on Earth that has legalized home demolishing as a method of collective punishment

• Israel is the only country on Earth that uproots trees as a method of collective punishment

• Israel is the only country on Earth that deliberately targets civilian infrastructure and justifies it

• Israel is the only country on Earth that legalized assassination

• Israel stands unique in using human shields in military operations

• Amongst all countries, Israel is the only one that has legalized torture

• Israel is the only country on Earth that builds illegal settlements in occupied lands

• Israel is the only country on Earth that publicly jails activists without trial

• According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Israel has created the highest number of checkpoints

• According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Israel holds the world record in the number of curfew it has installed on the Palestinians

• Israel is the only country on Earth whose checkpoints deny women access to hospitals, they give birth alone and babies usually die

• Israel is exceptional in being the only country on Earth whose checkpoints denies patients access to hospitals, and they end up dying

• Israel is the only country on Earth whose checkpoints are where wedding parades come to an end

• Israel is the only country on Earth who check points schoolchildren, denies them access to school, and puts an end to their classes

• Israel is one of two countries that, against International Law, use cluster bombs and depleted uranium bombs. America is the other…what a surprise huh?

• Israel holds the world record in the number of soldiers refusing to serve in the army

• Israel despite being a rich country, receives the highest financial aid, more than the sum aid to all sub-Saharan Africa!

• Israel claims its enemies want to wipe it off the map, but it has indeed wiped a whole country called Palestine off the map!

• Israel is the country that has introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East. But the only country in the Middle East that refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

• After East Germany, Israel is the only country that is building a segregation wall

• Second to South Africa, Israel is the only country to establish an apartheid regime

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first iron gates on roads

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first cities turned into jails with gates and opening hours

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first apartheid walls

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first electrified segregation fences

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first ‘eyes specific’ rubber bullets

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first abortion efficient, infant killing tear gas

• Israeli engineers developed the worlds’ first humiliation guaranteed human cages

• Israel is the only country on Earth that has a political party that publicly advocates ethnic cleansing of native citizens (Palestinians)

• Israel is the only country on Earth that still has racist laws that discriminate against native citizens (Palestinians)

• Israel is the only country on Earth known to have a memorial dedicated to a terrorist where his followers gather and dance

• Israel is the only country on Earth that imprisons kids for political reasons

• Israel is the only country on Earth where you get a one month community service for intentionally, smashing the head of a child! How much more proof do people need to see that Israel is a terrorist nation?????!!!!!!!!!!

• Israel is the only country on Earth that does not hold its soldiers accountable for shooting peace activists in cold blood

• No other country on Earth has towns and cities allocated exclusively for one ethnic group

• The only country on Earth, where people live in homes stolen from living refugees is, Israel

• The only place on Earth where people cultivate fields stolen from living refugees is, Israel

• Israel has the highest number of towns built upon ethnically cleansed villages, whose former residents are living refugees

• Israel ranks amongst the top countries in lack of security

Longest trip at sea without touching dry land set world record - voyage of love

US sailor has returned to shore after spending more than three years at sea without touching dry land.

Reid Stowe, 58, docked in Manhattan after his 1,152 day voyage, and was greeted by his girlfriend and 23-month toddler who he had never seen.

Mr Stowe left in the 70-foot (21m) two-masted sailing boat in April 2007.

Guinness World Records say they are looking into the claim that the trip sets a new record for the longest voyage.

Mr Stowe originally set off with his girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad, 26, until she had to return to shore after suspecting she was pregnant.

The couple agreed that he would continue without her, despite it meaning that he would miss the birth of their son.

He said that seeing her go was the hardest part of his trip.

"Before we left, we had an agreement that if I had to get off for any reason, he would go on," Ms Ahmad said.

"I knew if he came back and didn't finish the voyage, he would just go back again. There was no way he wasn't going to finish it."

Yoga and painting Sailor Reid Stowe sails his 70 ft. gaff-rigged schooner "Anne" into the New York Harbor Mr Stowe said his trip was a "voyage of love"

The vessel was built by Mr Stowe and his family 30 years ago, and named "Anne" after his mother.

While at sea, Mr Stowe says he spent his time repairing torn sails, painting, practicing yoga and writing a book.

He was able to send e-mails and make satellite phone calls.

Mr Stowe refers to his trip as a "voyage of love".

"She's done what no vessel in the world has done," Mr Stowe said.

"She got worn out and beat down to death.

"I'll tell you that boat will take me for another year and there is still a years worth of food on that boat...It's a magical boat, it's full of love."

Charles Doane, editor of Sail magazine, said he believes that Mr Stowe set a new sailing record.

He said that the GPS satellite system that tracked the voyage provides evidence that the boat had not touched land during the trip.

Most people reading aloud set world record - Football stadium in Istanbul,Turkey

Most people reading aloud set world record 2010 - Football stadium in Istanbul,Turkey

Thousands of young people gathered at a football stadium in Istanbul on Sunday to break the record for “most people reading aloud,” but complications in ticketing blurred the final count.

It might be true to say Turks love football more than they love reading, but organizers of the record-breaking attempt wanted to prove the opposite by bringing tens of thousands of people into the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul’s central Mecidiyeköy district for reading.

Even though the Guiness World Records judge declared the official attendance count to be about a thousand short of the record 15,440, organizers claimed there were at least 20,000 people reading aloud and maintained that the event was still successful in raising awareness for reading.

Selim Çavuş, head of the “Düşün Taşın” (Think Hard) Association, said people who entered the stadium at the last minute were not given tickets, and thus not included in the count, because the deadline for the attempt was approaching.

Turkey still holds the record for an attempt made in the southern province of Mersin on April 16, which has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest gathering of people reading aloud.

Education Minister Nimet Çubukçu called on youngsters to read in their spare time during a speech she delivered before the attempt, which was also supported by First Lady Hayrunnisa Gül. Most high school and secondary school students came to the stadium voluntarily, but some schools required students to attend.

Dilhan Eğribaş, a high school student, said she was sorry they didn’t break the record, but that the record was not the only mission of the event. “We read the book, and we think we raised awareness about reading in Turkey,” she said.

A majority of students came to be part of the record attempt, but some had other reasons. Tuba Kılınçkaya, 16, said she attended the activity to see and enter the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, as she loved football more than reading. On the other hand, Merve Aydın, 11, said her main reason for attending was to participate in the event’s effort to collect books from attendees. The Think Hard Association plans to send the donated books to schools in need in 20 cities.

Biggest ever Diski dance set World Record 2010 - Cape Town

Join fellow South Africans and foreign visitors in making history! As Bafana prepare themselves to do battle on the field against Uruguay, preparations are under way to set a world record on Youth Day, June 16 at the Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest.

Join 25 000 other hopefuls on the Grand Parade in Cape Town to make history by participating in the biggest ever Diski dance.

During the day, 200 young Diski dancers will mingle amongst visitors, teaching them the dance moves.  On stage professional dancers will go through the paces, which people on the ground will be able to follow on the big screen.

At 18h00 South Africa’s successful R&B artist Loyiso Bala will take to the stage.  Loyiso was once the youngest conductor of the National Youth Choir, at the age of only 19, and was head of the prestigious Drakensberg Boys Choir.  Today he is a multi award-winning musician.

After final rehearsals at 19h00, the dancers will take up their position on stage alongside African drummers and various celebrities to join the crowd in the final record attempt.

Chinese girls set bikini world record 2010 - GuangZhou

1940 bikini clad ladies gathered in Guangzhou, China, on May 9 to set a new world record for “the highest number of women attending a swimsuit photoshoot.”

                                            Chinese girls bikini world record pictures

The girls formed the Chinese word for “GuangZhou”. The event was organised to promote the Asian Games which are going to held later this year in the Chinese city.
[Image credits to News.cn]

Cola Fountain Eruptions Set World Record by Changchun University Students

                                                         Cola Fountain picture

Students at Changchun University set a new world record after setting off 2,175 simultaneous cola fountains using bottles of cola and Mentos. Following a countdown, mints dropped into cola bottles to set off the chemical reaction, resulting in cola eruptions that reached almost 8 meters high. After the eruption, students poured cola on each other, naturally.

The university secured sponsorship to provide 2,600 raincoats and ordered 2,450 packs of mints from a local supermarket. The 2,175 cola fountains broke the record of 1,911 simultaneous geysers, set on June 19, 2008, by students in Latvia. A waste of soda? Heck no. Just think about all the sperm these crazy kids saved.

Worlds Most Dangerous Airports To Land

Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the world.Engineers tasked with building an airport are faced with countless challenges: The ideal location needs ample space, endless flat ground, favorable winds and great visibility. But spots in the real world are rarely ideal, and engineers are forced to work with what they have, making sure that the end product is the safest possible structure for pilots. A survey of airports around the world turns up a mixed bag, ranging from dangerous and rugged landing strips to mega-size facilities that operate like small cities. Here, PM explores the world's most remarkable airports and why they stand out.

1. Kansai International Airport

Osaka, Japan

Land is a scarce resource in Japan, so engineers headed roughly 3 miles offshore into Osaka Bay to build this colossal structure. Work on the manmade island started in 1987, and by 1994 jumbo jets were touching down. Travelers can get from the airport to the main island of Honshu via car, railroad or even a high-speed ferry.

Kansai's artificial island is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide—so large that it's visible from space. Earthquakes, dangerous cyclones, an unstable seabed, and sabotage attempts from protestors are just some of the variables engineers were forced to account for. As impressive as the airport is, Stewart Schreckengast, a professor of aviation technology at Purdue University and a former aviation consultant with MITRE, cautions that climate change and rising sea levels pose a very real threat to the airport's existence. "When this was built, [engineers] probably didn't account for global warming," he says. "In 50 years or so, this might be underwater."

2. Gibraltar Airport


Between Morocco and Spain sits the tiny British territory of Gibraltar. Construction of the airport dates back to World War II, and it continues to serve as a base for the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force, though commercial flights land on a daily basis.

Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar's busiest road, cuts directly across the runway. Railroad-style crossing gates hold cars back every time a plane lands or departs. "There's essentially a mountain on one side of the island and a town on the other," Schreckengast says. "The runway goes from side to side on the island because it's the only flat space there, so it's the best they can do. It's a fairly safe operation as far as keeping people away," he says, "It just happens to be the best place to land, so sometimes it's a road and sometimes it's a runway."

3. Madeira International Airport

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is a small island far off the coast of Portugal, which makes an airport that is capable of landing commercial-size aircraft vital to its development. This airport's original runway was only about 5000 feet long, posing a huge risk to even the most experienced pilots and limiting imports and tourism.

Engineers extended the runway to more than 9000 feet by building a massive girder bridge atop about 200 pillars. The bridge, which itself is over 3000 feet long and 590 feet wide, is strong enough to handle the weight of 747s and similar jets. In 2004, the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering selected the expansion project for its Outstanding Structure Award, noting that the design and construction was both "sensitive to environmental and aesthetic considerations."

4. Don Mueang International Airport

Bangkok, Thailand

From a distance Don Mueang International looks like any other midsize airport. However, smack-dab in the middle of the two runways is an 18-hole golf course.

Schreckengast, who has worked on consulting projects at this airport, says one of the major problems is that the only taxiways were located at the end of the runways. "We recommended that they build an additional taxiway in the middle, from side to side, and they said ‘absolutely not, that will take out a green and one fairway.'" The airport and the course were originally an all-military operation, but have since opened up to commercial traffic. Security threats, however, have limited the public's access to the greens.

5. Ice Runway


                                                      Ice Runway photo
The Ice Runway is one of three major airstrips used to haul supplies and researchers to Antarctica's McMurdo Station. As its name implies, there are no paved runways here—just long stretches of ice and snow that are meticulously groomed.

There is no shortage of space on the Ice Runway, so super-size aircraft like the C-130 Hercules and the C-17 Globemaster III can land with relative ease. The real challenge is making sure that the weight of the aircraft and cargo doesn't bust the ice or get the plane stuck in soft snow. As the ice of the runway begins to break up, planes are redirected to Pegasus Field or Williams Field, the two other airstrips servicing the continent.

6. Congonhas Airport

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Most major cities have an airport, but rarely are they built just 5 miles from the city center, especially in metropolises like Sao Paulo. Congonhas' close proximity to downtown can be attributed in part to the fact that it was completed in 1936, with the city experiencing rapid development in the following decades.

While having an airport only 5 miles from the city center may be a convenience for commuters, it places a strain on both pilots and air traffic control crews. "It becomes a challenge in terms of safety to just get the plane in there," Schreckengast says. "Then you throw on noise restrictions and these terribly awkward arrival and departure routes that are needed to minimize your noise-print and it becomes quite challenging for pilots." Fortunately, Sao Paulo's many high-rise buildings are far enough away from the airport that they aren't an immediate obstacle for pilots landing or taking off.

7. Courchevel International Airport

Courchevel, France

Getting to the iconic ski resort of Courchevel requires navigating the formidable French Alps before making a hair-raising landing at Courchevel International Airport. The runway is about 1700 feet long, but the real surprise is the large hill toward the middle of the strip.

"You take off downhill and you land going uphill," Schreckengast says. He adds that the hill, which has an 18.5 percent grade, is so steep that small planes could probably gain enough momentum rolling down it with no engines to safely glide off the edge. Landing at Courchevel is obviously no easy task, so pilots are required to obtain certification before attempting to conquer the dangerous runway.

8. Princess Juliana International Airport

Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten
                                       Princess Juliana International Airport photo
Nothing says fun in the sun like roaring engines and the smell of jet exhaust. Landing on this Caribbean island forces pilots to fly over a small strip of beach, clear a decent-size fence and pass over a road just before hitting the runway.

Not many airports are flanked by oceanfront property filled with tourists standing under incoming aircraft. While the tourists are not really in harm's way—with the exception of their hearing—Schreckengast says that trucks driving on the small road between the beach and the runway could be at risk. "The challenge is to make sure there's not a big semi truck coming through when the plane is landing. It becomes a vertical obstacle, and, if the truck is light, the jet blast could blow it over.

9. Svalbard Airport

Svalbard, Norway

                                            Svalbard Airport picture
Svalbard is a cluster of Norwegian islands sitting in the Arctic Ocean. While there are three airports within the archipelago, two of which are used mainly to transport miners, Svalbard Airport is open to commercial travel, making it the world's northernmost airport that tourists can book tickets to.

Engineers used the region's brutally cold climate to their favor during construction and built the runway on a layer of permafrost. The airport was completed in 1975, but slight seasonal changes caused sections of the runway to become uneven, forcing the need to repave the runway on several occasions. A project was launched in 1989 aimed at insulating troublesome sections of the runway from the ground, which proved relatively successful. However, a 2002 study indicates that rising temperatures in the area may increase the need and frequency of maintenance efforts and repaving.

10. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

Saba, Netherlands Antilles

                                 Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport image
Getting to this paradise-like island can be a bit distressing thanks to a 1300-foot-long runway, slightly longer than most aircraft carrier runways.

Large planes aren't landing here, but the small runway is difficult even for Cessnas and similar aircraft. "The little X means don't land there," says Schreckengast, a former Navy pilot who is no stranger to landing on less than lengthy runways. "It's challenging, but if you don't have something like that, the people here don't get things they routinely need, like mail." Given the limited amount of land and rolling topography of the island, not many other options exist.

Worlds Largest Sounding Trumpet set Guinness world Record 2010 - Hyundai SA

Hyundai South Africa has unveiled the world's largest Vuvuzela ahead of the 2010 World Cup. This monumental masterpiece, has been installed on the Cape Town unfinished highway, has been created as part of Hyundai's national "Gees" campaign and is aimed at encouraging South African's to come together and "bring the Gees" in celebration of the world's greatest sporting event to hit our shores, the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Construction is underway for what is set to break the Guinness World Record for being the largest sounding trumpet in the world. This gigantic structure is a whopping 35 meters in length and 5.5 meters in diameter. Current record is documented at 32 meters. "The construction started close to three months ago," says CEO of Hyundai South Africa, Alan Ross. "The structure had to be built a section at a time and each will have to be transported separately to the site for the final installation which took two days to finish."

The highway, which is en-route to the Green Point Stadium, has become a symbolic landmark in the City of Cape Town. It is perfectly positioned with some of the city's major attractions; the V&A Waterfront and the Cape Town International Convention Centre. "It is the ideal platform to use to contribute to the excitement around this historic event - we welcome the world to our country in a true South African way," adds Alan. "This project is truly about bringing people from all walks of life, together to celebrate the game of soccer. There is certainly no better way to do this other than using an icon that is a true and unique representation of the game in our country".

Worlds Biggest Sounding Trumpet Hyundai South Africa Guinness world Record Video

World's biggest piece of chalk set world record by Bishop Canevin Students

World's largest piece of chalk sits in Joseph Romano's classroom at Bishop Canevin High School, crumbling ever so slightly on one side.

Mr. Romano likes to write with big pieces of chalk, such as sidewalk chalk, much to the enjoyment of the 11th-grade students in his AP U.S. history class.

One of them, Nick Sylvester of Kennedy, decided to joke with Mr. Romano about making him an even bigger piece of chalk for extra credit, and the project to create the world's largest piece of chalk was born.

Typical blackboard chalk is manufactured from gypsum, which is a kind of calcium sulfate. Sidewalk chalk is also manufactured from gypsum, but it can be made from plaster of Paris and water, the method Mr. Sylvester chose.

Mr. Sylvester wanted to make the chalk in a 32-gallon trash can, and so he purchased enough plaster of Paris to fill the can more than halfway up. He bought 125 pounds of plaster from Home Depot for around $60.

Working with classmates Matt Durbin of Robinson and Terry Dougherty of Crafton, he mixed the plaster with 14 gallons of water in the trash can.

It took them about 15 minutes to adequately stir the mixture using a golf club and a metal rake, and it took three days before the mixture set.

The chalk is white, weighs about 270 pounds, and looks much like a normal piece of chalk except for its unusually large size and the patterning caused by grooves in the trash can.

"[The chalk] writes and everything," Mr. Sylvester said. "But it's 270 pounds, so it's pretty hard to write with."

To overcome that problem. Mr. Romano has been breaking off bits from its side, which has diminished the chalk's size a bit.

The boys said the chalk also lost some of its weight when it was removed from the garbage can. They cut the chalk from the garbage can, and as they were doing so powder came out and some chalk residue remained in the can.

Even so, they think they have created the world's biggest piece of chalk, and Mr. Sylvester recently submitted an application to Guinness World Records. Since there currently is no record for the world's largest piece of chalk, Mr. Sylvester completed an application for a new Guinness World Records category.

He said he doesn't yet know what he'll have to do to prove he has the world's biggest piece of chalk. According to the Guinness World Records website, it usually takes four to six weeks for the organization to respond to a record-breaking application.

To compensate for their time and effort, Mr. Romano will give the boys 15 to 20 extra credit points. Meanwhile, the chalk has found a permanent home in his classroom.

"I'll probably chip away at it," Mr. Romano said.

Thulani Ngcobo - Most Matches Attended at a FIFA World Cup set Guinness World Record

While South African citizens are still getting ready for the upcoming World cup, which starts in a month from now, a local, Thulani Ngcobo can’t believe his luck, as he is the winner of a fan competition which was held by MTN8, and that granted the winner 38 tickets for the same number of world cup fixtures.

Obtain superior Bookie Software before the start of the Fifa World Cup 2010.

Thanks to these tickets, the lucky south African winner will have the chance to compete for the records of “most games watched at a Soccer World Cup”, when he gets to travel more than 17,000 kilometers in order to watch more than 3000 minutes of outstanding football in a whole month. The current record is set at 20 games, and Ngcobo is planning to assists to all 38 matches in order to come up with the record.

This of course is not going to come as an easy task for him, as in order to do so, he will have to be traveling from one place to another in a constant basis, for example, if there is a fixture at Cape Town at 1:30 pm, he will have to leave immediately after the match in order to assist to the next one at Soccer City at 8:30 pm.

Ngcobo, who is a resident of the township of Shoshanguve in Gauteng, is certainly satisfied with the prize, and is very thankful to MTN for allowing him to improve his lifestyle during the period on which the World Cup is going to be held at his country. He will fist go and watch the home team playing Mexico at the opening fixture.

The tickets will allow him to watch outstanding games such as Brazil playing against Ivory Coast, and the games for the 3rd and 4th positions at the playoffs.

The nineteenth edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place from June 11 to July 11, and it is the culmination of an elimination process that began in August 2007 and which involved a total of 204 FIFA national teams.

South Africa was chosen as the host of the cup after winning the bidding that also included Egypt, Libya-Tunisia (co-hosting) and Morocco. The South Africans obtained 14 votes, while the Moroccans obtained the remaining 10.

The Cup will be played in 10 (including Soccer City, Cape Town Stadium, and Moses Mabhida Stadium) venues across 9 cities, and it will count with 32 teams out of six confederations.

Chris Beavon - Australian Football Trickster set World Record 2010

An Australian professional football trickster set a world record for most "around the worlds" in a minute on Thursday in a fundraising event aiming to tap into the World Cup fever sweeping the nation.

Chris Beavon, 19, performed the trick 21 times in 45 seconds before his legs gave out at the Westmead Medical Research Foundation's Football Freestyling contest in Westmead, west of Sydney.

The move involves tossing the ball from between instep and shin and making a full revolution around it with the foot before catching it again and repeating, and Beavon was the first person to attempt a world record with it.

He was disappointed with the result, which he said was hampered by a false start that tired his legs ahead of the record bid.

"My legs just died because it's such a strenuous trick," said Beavon, who has been freestyling for four years, two of them on the professional circuit.

"It's a little bit disappointing because I could have done a lot better. It's still a record, but not quite so impressive," he told AFP.

More than 100 children gathered to watch the bid and take part in a football tricks class with Beavon, who does stunts for commercials, corporate events and pre-match entertainment in Australia.

"With the World Cup coming up it's a big time for football," Beavon said.

His mother suffers from peripheral neuropathy, a painful foot and leg condition which makes it difficult to walk, and Beavon said her illness had driven him to take part.

"When I started doing freestyle football I wanted to do some events to help her out a bit because it's been quite tough on her and our family," he said.