World's Smallest Wingwalker set World Record - Indian Stunt Man Kiran Shah

          World Shortest Indian Stuntman Kiran Shah photo

World's Smallest Wing walker set Guinness World Record 2010 - Indian Stunt Man Kiran Shah

Actor and stuntman Kiran Shah has appeared in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones — and now he's become the world's Smallest wingwalker.

The 4ft 1in star braved speeds of 120mph at 1000ft to complete his record breaking feat.

And the 53-year-old performer, who doubled for Frodo in Lord of the Rings, said this was his most exciting adventure yet.

Strapped to the wing of a 1940s Boeing Spearman biplane, tiny Kiran completed a ten-minute wing-walk.

He said: "It was great, I loved it - but next time I'll pick a warmer day.

"It was very cold up there. The wind was coming at me all the time and I could hardly lift my arms because of the g-force."

Kiran added: "I was nervous until I had the safety briefing.

"Once I know what I'm doing it's ok - it's the same with any stunt.

"I'm not bothered by heights because I've done high falls before. Flying is no problem for me either.

"I love any kind of action. The more dangerous the better."

Experienced pilot Martyn Carrington flew the plane for Kiran's record attempt at Aerosuperbatics in Cirencester, Gloucs.

He said: "Flying with someone Kiran's size is a pilot's dream - you hardly know he's there.

"With someone bigger, the resistance and drag increases and it can be a bit trickier.

"He did really well up there. Conditions were good but there was a bit of wind and it was bumpy and cold.

"Kiran enjoyed himself though. I kept looking up to make sure he was still with us and he was lifting his arms and waving.

"He's certainly broken my personal record for the smallest passenger - next time we'll do a loop-the-loop with him."

Kiran was born in 1956 in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to India when he was 12.

He began studying film in India but interrupted his studies when his father's health caused the family to move to England, where Kiran's brother had already settled.

His breakthrough into the film world came in 1976, when he was asked to do stunts in the film Candleshoe.

Kiran's career took off from there and he appeared in more films, TV commercials and videos.

He appeared alongside Tom Cruise in Legend, was Frodo's stunt double in Lord of The Rings, and worked on worldwide smash The Chronicles of Narnia.

Kiran has held the Guinness World Record for the 'shortest professional stuntman currently working in film' since October 2003.

Mary Oladapo of Guinness World Records said: "Kiran once again proves that size isn't everything even the smallest of people can achieve the greatest of things.

"To be recognised by Guinness World Records as the Shortest Stuntman and now the Shortest Wingwalker is testament that Kiran's one of the world's greatest stunt performers, regardless of size!"
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