Most Wearing T-shirts set Guinness World Record 2010 - Croat Kruno Budiselic

Croat Kruno Budiselic has won the world record for the number of T-shirts worn at the same time.

Budiselic managed to put on 245 T-shirts and and by so doing secured himself as the new record holder on Saturday in Zagreb.

He dethroned a Swedish Guinness record holder who previously held the record for wearing 238 T-shirts.

In total Budiselic put on around 68 kilos with T-shirts ranging in size  from M to XL in less then two hours.

At the end of the competition the Croat told Novi list daily he felt a crisis coming somewhere around the 120th T-shirt, and now feels a slight pain in his neck.

This is the 8th Guinness record for Budiselic. Previously he won two records for opening beer bottles at speed, two for moonwalking backwards, another two for pushing a car for 24 hours, one for the most number of push-ups in one minute and one for making the most pancakes.
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