Most firework rockets launch set world record - Cebu Festival 2010

Most firework rockets launch set world record in Cebu Festival 2010

This small province in the middle of the Philippines is made up of 168 islands and has a population of just about 3.5 million.
So what makes Cebu special?

They are just about to attempt to break the world record for the “most firework rockets launched in 30 seconds”.  This was set in 2006 at the British Fireworks Championship and currently stands at 56,405 rockets.
Britain has since tried to break the record with a failed attempt in 2009 110,000 rockets were launched from a pier in Bournemouth in under 10 seconds however the officials from the Guinness World Records did not confirm the record. The rules surrounding the record are very strict. Each rocket must be launched separately from its own tube or platform, must be launched within a 30-second window from the instant of the first launch and must be designed to reach a minimum altitude of 30 meters.
120,000 rockets will be rigged up and fired at 7pm on the 8th of May 2010, that’s a lot of rockets.
Anyone looking to attend the World Record Attempt is reminded not to expect a magnificent display. The idea is to get the rockets launched in as short a time as possible, not to make it look spectacular. Saying that, there will be a fireworks display after the event, being set of at 9pm.
The whole evening and indeed the weeklong series of events surrounding it is being called Cebu-Fest and will have entertainment for everyone. Including; carnivals, a marathon ,concerts, fairs, along with plenty of sporting events, boxing, MMA, football and even a cock derby (anyone knowing what a cock derby is should email us as we are really not sure and unwilling to hazard a guess).

Most firework rockets launch set world record in Cebu Festival Video.
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