Julia Gnuse - Most tattooed woman in the world set Guinness World Record 2010

American woman Julia Gnuse has been named the most tattooed woman in the world.

She started getting herself inked after doctors diagnosed her with skin condition called porphyria, which causes the skin to blister when exposed to sunlight.

Now, Gnuse a.k.a the ‘illustrated lady’ has set a Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world.
                                             Julia Gnuse Photo

She has 95 per cent of her body covered with tattoo.

She has inscribed jungle scenes, cartoons and images of her favourite actors on her skin, Daily Mail reports.

She got her first tattoo on her leg before moving to stomach, arms and back.

She revealed that tattoos cover up the scars on her skin.

"I did this for the reason of covering scarring from the blisters. They get as deep as three degree burn," the Couriermail quoted her, as saying.

She added: "I had a friend who is a plastic surgeon, who suggested tattooing my skin the same color to the scarring that I had, seeing if we can match my just pale-looking skin that I had.

That didn’t work. We tried it. It was very difficult to match that. So I had the idea of a colorful tattoo, then I got hooked. I got addicted."

Gnuse chose ink over medication, as the treatment would have put her at risk of blindness.

All the tattoos on her body have been created by one tattoo artist.

                               Most tattooed woman Julia Gnuse Picture

Source :-dailymail
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