Youngest person to have built a electric truck set world record - Deitrich Ludwig

MONCLOVA, OH, USA  -- 16 year-old Deitrich Ludwig, or “Deke,” as his friends call him, has built a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 pickup electric truck - setting the new world record for the Youngest person to have built a electric truck.

udwig built a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck and converting its gasoline-consuming combustion engine to a 100% emission-free electric drive train was a challenge.

    He removed the four-cylinder engine, radiator, exhaust system, and all other components related to the combustion engine, and needed to configure and install the electric replacement components: a DC electric motor, control system, battery charger, and series of batteries.

   Even after a successful first ride in his new electric car, Deke envisioned better performance from his vehicle. He wanted shortened charge times and improved reliability and overall engineering of the design.

   Deke’s passion for the environment and for cutting-edge clean energy technology as well as electric car company Tesla Motors have been a big inspiration to him for this project.

   Deke has teamed up with schools, student groups, non-profits and a Chicago-based organization called Green New Earth, which helps projects such as this——to fund his efforts.

   He hopes one day to be able to afford to upgrade the batteries in his electric truck to the same high-powered lithium ion technology that Tesla uses in their cars.
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