World’s youngest person ever to climb the world’s highest mountain

13-year-old Jordan Romero sets off on the journey of a lifetime — hoping to become the youngest person ever to climb the world’s highest mountain.

To call Jordan Romero "sporty" would be quite an understatement. The Californian teen has been climbing mountains since he was just ten years of age and now he's tackling the biggest and toughest of them all — Mount Everest.

Romero found his love for mountaineering at a young age and by the time he was ten, he had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, becoming the youngest person ever to have conquered Africa's highest mountain, reports the BBC. Since then, he's gone on to climb the highest peaks in every continent apart from Asia. Not bad, considering he's just 13-years-old!

Currently en route to the Mount Everest base camp, with his father and step-mother, the ambitious teen has already been blogging and posting pictures on his website. "Things are going very good. The whole team and gear is together, and that is saying a lot in this situation," he wrote yesterday, day two of their journey to the camp. "In between the amazing sights, the laughing and heckling is in abundance. We have arrived in Nylam, Tibet," he added.

Before he does any actual climbing, Romero will spend weeks acclimatizing, in order to prepare his body for the grueling task ahead — 29,035 feet of treacherous sub-zero temperatures and hurricane-force winds. But the courageous young climber can't wait to get started, telling AFP: "It's something I've always wanted to do before I die — I just happen to be doing it at this age [and] for a world record. But I just want to climb it."
Don't think all this record-breaking will mean slacking off on his schoolwork. Mom, Leigh Ann Drake says Romero has in his rucksack, "his algebra book and some writing assignments," to keep him up to date with his schooling, in between climbs.

And when he's not out in the field, breaking world records, Romero is busy encouraging other youngsters to get active outdoors with his 7 Summits of Big Bear Youth Challenge project, leading hikes up the Big Bear Valley's highest peaks and offering advice on training, nutrition and goal setting to kids of all ages.

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