World's Largest Spade - Bulldog Tools set world record 2010

Clarington Forge, Wigan, UK -- Bulldog Tools celebrated 230 years of British tool manufacturing by creating a spade which stands at 3.610m (11'8'') tall, the blade width is 59.8cm (23.5"), weighs over 180KG (28st 4.8lb) and required 160 hours to build- setting the new world record for the Largest Spade.

The new world record beats the previous Guinness world record for the Largest Spade by half a meter in height.

    The world's largest spade took over 160 man hours to make, the blade and socket are made of solid steel and the spade stands at 3.610m (11'8'') tall. The blade width is 59.8cm (23.5") - the spade weighs over 180KG (28st 4.8lb).

     Fred Foot from Bulldog Tools says: "This record marks 230 years of British manufacturing for Bulldog Tools. This is an achievement of which we are all very proud. We will be taking the world's largest spade on tour around the UK."

   "We began design work back in June of 2009 for the world's largest spade. We briefed our design company Destech, who are based in Nazeing, Essex to design an exact replica of one of our Bulldog spades, but make it three times bigger than the spade upon which it is based!"

The skill in the Destech design was to make sure that the proportions of the largest spade in the world were correct as the spade needed to look real; rather than a model, or cheap reproduction. In addition, the spade had to be made from the same materials as the original product to allow it to be a) an exact replica, b) be eligible for the World Record.
World's Largest Spade Video

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