World’s fastest jet car - Bloodhound

Faster than the speeding bullet then you asked, is it a plane –no, is it superman –no, is it a car –yes –the Bloodhound SSC jet car fired with Eurofighter Typhoon engine that is set to be the world’s fastest car ever to top 1000mph(1,610km/h). The great news Bloodhound’s design has been finalized and currently being optimize to set it world land-speed record attempt in 2011. Hit on the continue link for details and the latest Bloodhounds video animation.

Former record holder Richard Noble and current holder Andy Green teamed up to set the record breaking attempt which will take place on Hakseen Pan, a 19km long, 5km wide desert in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Green holds the current record, hitting 763mph (1,228km/h) in the Thrust SSC in 1997.

The Bloodhound project is aimed to inspire kids to engage with science, technology and engineering. However, we believe the project is too expensive (£10M) donating it to people of Haiti or educating unfortunate children will help more rather than inspiring.
Bloodhound SSC world’s fastest jet car Video
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