Red Cross falls short in world record attempt at UGA

The Northeast Georgia Red Cross didn't set a record Monday, but they called their attempt a success anyway.

Red Cross workers spent weeks planning to break the world record for the most people formed in the shape of a giant blood drop. Yes, this record exists - the Red Cross says it's held by a group of 800 people in Calgary, Canada.

Despite enticing red-wearing University of Georgia students to the Woodruff Practice Field with pizza and door prizes, they fell 700 people short. But 100 people heard the Red Cross' pleas for more blood.

"Hopefully, everyone who was here will take the message home," Red Cross donor recruitment manager Janet Jarrett said.

The Red Cross organized the challenge to the record to publicize the need for blood donors, especially in the months before summer. About 20 percent of blood donors are high school or college students, so donations drop off in the summer, when classes aren't in session, Jarrett said.

"We're often in a very precarious situation in summertime," she said.

The record-setting attempt was inspired by World Donor Day, which usually is June 14, but the Northeast Georgia group moved it up to Monday, before UGA's summer break.

Donations tend to spike after highly publicized natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake, Jarrett said, but car-crash victims and others need blood year-round. In Georgia, the demand is 1,200 units every day, she said.

The Red Cross' next blood drive is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday at UGA's Memorial Hall. Donors should eat well, drink plenty of fluids and get a good night's sleep before giving blood.
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