Peel’s Salon - Most People Cutting Hair set Guinness World Record 2010

Saturday at the Mid-America Center, 552 hair stylists cutting 552 heads of hair set the Guinness Book of World Record’s mark for “Most People Cutting Hair.”

The record fell as part of the “World’s Largest Hands-On Workshop,” being put on by Peel’s Salon Service as part of its annual spring trade show, which began Saturday and runs through today.

“We thought we’d try to do something fun and different,” said Linda Melia, vice president of Peels.

The previous record was 250 stylists and 250 heads. Melia said Peel’s started off hoping to just beat the current record, but had such an overwhelming amount of interest, they soon realized they could smash it.

“We had such a good response, we checked with the MAC to see how many people we could accommodate,” Melia said.

The event filled the arena of the convention center, with featured stylist Phillip Wilson cutting a model’s hair on center stage. Wilson is the international creative director of FHI Heat, a hairstyling tools company.

Guinness World Record rules stipulated that the cutting last 15 minutes. When the clock hit zero a roar went up from spectators in the crowd and the 1,104 record-setters.

Heather Herlicka, 36, and Aimee Thomsen, 24, made the trek from their Cedar Rapids- based salon, The Hair Gallery, to cut hair in the event.

“To be part of this is amazing,” Herlicka said. “It brought tears to our eyes.”

Stylist Julie Schultz thought she was going to miss out on getting her name in the record book. The David City, Neb., native was on the waiting list for the event, but when other stylists canceled she got the call from Peel’s.

“I was very excited. We’re a part of history,” Schultz said of herself and her sister Jill Kerkman, whose hair Schultz cut. “There are going to be more Guinness books than normal sold in David City this year.”

“She did an awesome job,” Kerkman said of her haircut. “She’s the only person that touches my hair.”

Stylists from states across the Midwest, including Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota attended the event. Guinness adjudicator Mike Janela was flown in from New York City to verify the record.

“It’s really rewarding to see people achieve their dreams,” Janela said. “They pulled it off.”
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