Guinness World Record launched iPad apps books

One of the promises of the iPad was the ability to bring a new kind of book to life, an interactive book popping with video, animation and web links.

A worthy example of this looks like the upcoming Guinness World Records app for the iPad, which will be available tomorrow. The Guinness World Records are usually bound up in a best-selling book each year but this iPad version won't be headed to the iBookStore. It'll be available in the App Store because it's much more than static words and images on a page.

Check out the video example above. You can see that record breaking entries will swoosh into place and will include interactive graphics, charts and videos.

The Usain Bolt entry for the world's fastest man includes video of his record-breaking run.

The iPad app available at launch is a free lite version with more than 150 photographs, 140 records and 25 video clips. A paid version will be available this September.

This is cool stuff that will change our view of what a book is. It's great that we're gonna have e-books on the iPad but it shouldn't stop there.

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