Fastest guitarist in the World set world record by Randall Padilla

MODESTO, CA, USA -- Guitarist Randall Padilla, 42, set up a digital metronome — music's equivalent of a traffic cop's radar gun — in the bedroom of his home and kept cranking up the metronome playing along at six notes per beat, until he reached 23.5 notes per second - setting the new world record for the Fastest guitarist.

 Next month, he'll invite musicians from the Modesto Symphony, California State University, Stanislaus, and Modesto Junior College to watch him try for 26 notes per second. He'll use the metronome, along with a computer playing at that speed.

   "If I'm not keeping up, you'll be able to tell," he said.

   Then, Padilla said, he'll start training for 30 notes per second. "Nobody would touch that for a long, long time," he said.

   The previous Guinness world record for the Fastest guitarist was set by Tiago Della Vega of Brazil at 21.3 notes per second, playing four notes per beat.

    Randall Padilla, the Fastest guitarist in the World, makes his living teaching guitar students at Langlois Music in that rock-n-roll hotbed also known as McHenry Village.

   He's videotaping a guitar instruction video. He plays for veterans and other groups to help them raise money, and on Sundays plays at his nondenominational church, The Well, on Claus Road.
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