Biggest house made of beer coasters in the world set Guinness World Record

A man from Germany has fulfilled his dream of building the biggest house made of beer coasters in the world, securing himself an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sven Goebel delivered the final proof that no holding agents or glue were used in the construction. With one little pull on a string (and a few taps of his foot), Goebel sent thousands of coasters and hundreds of working hours crashing down.

Goebel has been working towards his record since January, adding up to 1000 coasters per hour to the house, which was partly furnished with armchairs, tables and even a fireplace, all made from coasters.

More than a quarter of a million coasters were to be used for the record and in order to reach his goal, Goebel worked six to eight hours, seven days a week.

The record holder was glad to knock down his own handiwork: "Today we only collapsed it all to finally prove that no glue was used and this is the last step to the record. But I was sure of it before, so I don't have this feeling of 'Wow'. Now I am just relieved it fell like it was supposed to and that I no longer have to be extra careful."

Goebel is no amateur; he has already established two records involving coasters.

Biggest House made of Beer Coasters Video
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