World’s oldest pig

When Oscar was crowned the Guinness Book of World Records' oldest living pig, he had a party and celebrated with friends.

Wearing a custom-made necklace bearing his name, the 20-year-old potbellied pig made the rounds and grunted hellos at family, neighbors and old babysitters, who shared their memories of the times they'd had together.

Remember when your mom had to train you from jumping on the couch because you'd gotten too big?

"Each person has a different memory of Osc," says owner Stacy Kimbell, who shares her Dallas home with Oscar, her boyfriend Terry Mackin, Mackin's potbellied pig Ziffle, two guinea pigs and a cat.

Yes, Kimbell and Mackin each have their own pigs, and it was a very strange kind of serendipity that it ended up that way. The couple first met at a club, then had a safe first date over lunch, after which they discovered their unlikely common thread.

When the couple moved in together, they expected Oscar and Ziffle to get along and become best friends. But it wasn't to be — 10 years later, the two former single pigs are pretty much still single pigs.

"They don't like each other," Kimbell tells "They have two separate houses, they fight over who stands on what rug. We had great hopes for them, but it didn't work out."

130-lb. Oscar is still getting along fine, but showing signs of his old age. He suffers from arthritis and takes chewable pills and turmeric powder to help with his joint pain. His diet has also gotten healthier: he now consumes mostly fruits and vegetables. A typical meal is canned or fresh peaches, pumpkin or pears, along with some olive oil, apples and nuts.

Kimbell used to walk Oscar on a leash, but he moves around much more slowly now, so he sticks to the backyard and inside the house. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, Kimbell will hear him calling for her.

Oscar will let out a long growl that means, "Where are you in the house? I'm looking for you."

Source: today.msnbc
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