World's longest dodgeball game set Guinness world record

Albany could soon lay claim to a new record: the world's longest dodgeball game.

The folks of Albany Dodgeball, which is made up largely of members of the Albany Society for Advancement of Philanthropy, are trying to set a new Guinness World Record -- but they need a little help.

Here's the deal...
                                                          World's longest dodgeball game
Albany Dodgeball captain and all-around mover n' shaker Jasen Von Guinness says his team will be playing against Hometown Dodgeball from Clifton Park. That team, led by Von Guinness' buddy Rob Immel, is made up largely of members from the newly former Saratoga Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy.

Two years ago, Immel helped set the current record for longest dodgeball game ever with a 24 hour game in Clifton Park.

This year they'll be playing for 31 hours, 11 minutes and 13 seconds. (It's a palindrome.)

Here's how it will work:

Two teams of 10 players each will play at The Washington Avenue Armory from Monday, April 5th at 10 am until just after 5 pm Tuesday.

Each team has to have six players at the start of every "rush" (that's what happens at the start of each game or reset) so that'll give the players some time for breaks and rest in between. All standard National Dodgeball League rules will be followed.
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