world’s largest gilded image on paper

The record attempt for the world’s largest gilded image on paper on Saturday 13th March, during my visit I was shown around the cultural centre by many of the friendly staff and Centre Manager Mohammed Al- Ghamdi.

The Chocktan brothers are no strangers when attempting such a challenging Guinness world records title, as they had also taken part in the largest marbling painting with Fanar on 20th November 2009. These two brothers were notably keen to meet me to discuss how they plan to embark on this new attempt, whilst beaming with enthusiasm and appreciation for such historic art forms (Ebro painting and gilding) that are finally receiving around the world.

The world record attempt highlighted the launch of the Mus’haf Qatar in Doha as well as a five day Aqlam exhibition on Arabic calligraphy. The exhibition held at Fanar showcased the beautiful work that each calligrapher had put forward in the hope to be chosen to write the Mus’haf Qatar the calligraphy artists, Obaida Al Banki and Sabah Al-Arbili and all the participants were not only able to display their fine artwork to the viewing public, but also on hand to discuss and replicate many of their inscriptions.

Finally see this logo and scripture be presented in 22 carat red, white and yellow gold was of great importance to everyone involved.

Ahmed and Ekram had been tirelessly working on the gilded image from 9am- 4am commencing on Saturday 13th March and were absolutely committed to producing a spectacular gilded image on such a large scale.

As this was the first record for gilding on paper, I had a 6m² guideline in place to verify in order to approve this record. After assessing the percentage of gold used as well as the measurements which are 2.87m x 2.10m (9ft 8.98in x 6ft 10.68in), I took to the stage in the auditorium. Standing before the Qatari press, Qatar TV, hundreds of school children, tourists and visitors of the centre I proceeded to announce the Guinness world records title for the world’s largest gilded image had successfully been achieved by Fanar and stands as 6m² (64.58ft²).
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