World’s largest chocolate bunny created in South Africa by Harry Johnson

The World’s largest chocolate bunny has been created in South Africa by artist, Harry Johnson.  This chocolate bunny is an exact replica of the iconic Duracell Bunny.

The chocolate bunny is 3.82 m tall (12ft 5in) and weighs a whopping 3 tons (2,721Kg) setting the new world record for the largest chocolate bunny.  The previous record was by Brazil with the bunny weighing in at 2.8 tons.

To prevent the chocolate from melting the bunny is stored in a special perspex housing with a cooling system.  After a week, the chocolate bunny is going to be broken down and 250 underprivileged children will get a chance to taste it.

You have seen the adverts where the Duracell Bunny has battery on his back whether he is mountain climbing or running around the city.  So, just wondering how many batteries it would take to keep a bunny this size going, or would it be one humongous D size battery?

Source: duracelldirect
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