World's Fastest Violin Player set Guinness World Record - Ben Lee

On Wednesday 31st March, Ben Lee, of electric rock violin duo Fuse, will attempt to break the Guinness World Record™ for the Fastest Violin Player during a live recording of The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV1 at 5pm.  This is one of the most technically demanding musical Guinness World Records™ and Ben Lee will need to have the fastest fingers in the world to achieve this.

Ben Lee will be performing ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.  The current record is 13 notes per second, set by German violinist David Garrett who played the same piece in 1 min 5.26 seconds.   Not only will Ben Lee be trying to eclipse a seriously fast time, in order to satisfy the criteria laid down by the Guinness World Record™ officials, he will be performing on an acoustic violin, as opposed to his more familiar bespoke gold-plated Bridge electric violin.  There will also be an expert from the Royal College of Music on set to make sure Ben hits every note.

Ben Lee is a graduate from the Royal College of Music and has worked with the Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp, Mark Ronson, Kaiser Chiefs and Amy Winehouse amongst other acclaimed artists.  He is now a member of FUSE, electric rock violin duo with Linzi Stoppard.
Source: malextra
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