Most people creating mosaics set Guinness World Records

By midday on 28th February families from all across Taipei were congregating by the Taipei county Yingge Ceramics Museum for the chance to break the Guinness World Records title for ‘Most people creating mosaics'.

The Taipei county Yingge Ceramics Museum is not only the first professional museum wholly dedicated to ceramics but its many functions are the main reasons why it is the perfect venue for such a crowd pleasing event. The museum exhibits Taiwanese ceramic culture and stimulates the public’s interest and attention to ceramics; therefore in collaboration with the Farlay group, the record attempt was a perfect fit with the community of Taipei.

This family friendly event was organised by the Farglory Group to celebrate their 40th anniversary as well as to put the Sanxia area on the map as the centre for art and architectural developments in Taipei, if not, Taiwan.

By the end of the afternoon crowds of participants and spectators gathered, with up to 592 families coming together on a very hot Sunday, with everyone from the little ones to the granddads and grandma’s helping each other with the intricate art form. It was a joy to watch as hundreds of people gathered to help one another with each stage throughout the process of completing the mosaics.

On a closer look it was great to see how all the 588 individual mosaics were given the finishing touch by adding a last piece in the shape of a heart before the attempt came to an end.

As the afternoon drew to a close, I had calculated that with 592 families taking part and 588 mosaics having been created, the final number of people that created the mosaics were in fact 1, 899. it was the perfect way to end such a fun family filled event by announcing that the Guinness World records title for the ‘most people creating mosaics’ had been achieved with 1,899 people.
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