Longest barbeque cooking of Indian dishes set Guinness World Records - Chef Jacob

A city-based chef has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for doing the longest barbeque cooking of Indian dishes.

For achieving the feat, Jacob cooked around 485 dishes in a span of 24 hours since Sunday morning, Guinness World Records Adjudications Department Head Lucia Sinigaleisi told reporters.

Jacob said his passion  to make different dishes made him to achieve the feat.Right from my childhood I wanted to make various dishes and that passion made me to do this feat, 34-year-old Jacob, a gold medallist in catering technology and working as freelance consultant to five city-based star rated hotels said.

I came to know that such an achievement was not made in this sector. I sought Guinness World Records team to get their approval in December and when I started cooking yesterday, they were monitoring, he said.

Of the total 485 dishes he cooked, around 150 were non-vegetarian dishes.

Jacob said his next move was to break his own record.I want to break my own record. If someone breaks it, then I will try to create a new record,he said.

State Information Minister Parithi Illamvazhuthi presented the Guinness Certificate to Jacob.

The dishes made were distributed to various orphanages and old age homes.

Source:-The Hindu
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