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The year was 1954 when Roger Bannister broke the world record and the 100 year old myth that the human being cannot run 1 mile in less that 4 minute. He made a record by running 1 mile in 3 min and 59 sec. Strangely within the end of that year more than 32 people could run 1 mile in less than 4 minutes and within next 2 years more than 300 people could achieve this feat. Physiologist around the world got interested to know the science behind the strange fact that no body could run a mile in less than 4 minutes in last 100 year but the moment one person achieved it, how more than 300 people could duplicate it in less than 2 years.

Then the scientist discovered one of most important principle of human behaviour i.e. if human brain is told about the possiblies and achievement made by others than that reference opens of many mysterious door of possibilities and possibilities of duplicating the feat or achievement become much higher.

There came the need lot of collecting the achievement of human being and making it available to common masses. That was the birth of Record books like The Guinness World Records.

Indian Book of Records is a step forward in that direction for every Indian. It was started during the year 2005 and it is the first book of its kind in both Hindi and English as majority of Indian readers read Hindi.India Book of Records will be available in 12 Indian languages (including Marathi, Bangla, Gujrathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Assamesse, Kannada etc) from the next year.

Co Publication of India Book of Records Rinki Tomar said “ In my school day While studying in Meerut Public School I used to see and read in local newspaper about the unusual talents of the people of meerut and surrounding areas. I use to feel Strongly that there should be an appropriate platform for recognizing such talents and give them a direction so that they may bring excellence in their area of interest. Now while launching India Book of Records -2010. I am sure people will definitely use this forum to prove their excellence.

India Book of Records 2010 is divided into 20 sections including the popular section like Human Body, Endurance, Collection, Biggest & Smallest, Creativity, Entertainment, Strange but true and Helping Hands . However this year most number of application came for the section – Memory World where categories like memorizing most number of words and memorizing long digits broke the myths the brain can hold only 25-30 words in one go.
This year we added a chapter called Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna to your dreams, where  it is explained that how nature has created each one of us with a very unique ability and how scientifically it is possible by every individual to achieve something extraordinary in some activity

India Book of Records was started by Biswaroop Roy Chowhdury who himself  holds many national and world records including three most popular Guinness World Records (Strongest memory, Most push-ups in a minute and largest pen (12feet)). India Book of Records is started with the belief that each one of us is born with some very special, unusual and unique talent that can make him stand apart from rest of the world .

Many record holders featured in India Book of Records said that there life changed drastically after getting an entry in India Book of Records. Mr. Deepak Choubey from Guwahati said that he had been a struggling memory trainer for last 10 year and use to earn about 15000 to Rs 20000 a month but after getting an entry in India Book of Records and getting a certificate of  his achievement he became an instant hero of his city as he had sent a copy of his India Book of Records certificate to various local press and than onwards after reading about his achievement in various newspapers more people started contacting him than before to register for his  training classes. It had given  him an edge which college degree could not give.

Another achiever Satender Bhadana form Faridabad said “ I had been collecting unusual coins since my childhood as a hobby but after  my record featured in India Book of Records 2010 my neighbour, my family member and friend starting taking interest in my collection and many people gather to see and know about my collection. It gave me a real sense of achievement and happiness”.

Most part of India is rural and a number of talents are hidden there. To make India Book of Records accessible to the remote areas Diamond Pocket Books will be publishing it in 12 languages from next year and will also bring out an economical version of India Book of Records (less than Rs 100) for a rural readers.

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury the founder of India Book of Records said “ In 1997 after passing out as a production Engineer from Punjab Engineering College I wanted to pursue my career in the field of mind training but there is no university where I could showcase my talent and get a certificate or degree to prove my excellence in the field of mind training then I came across Limca Book of Records -1997 and a   made a national record of memorizing a shuffled pack of playing cards in 3 minutes and 54 sec. I could attract a local media attention through the achievement and that led to a kick start my unusual career of mind training”. In India and in most of the countries   only a few conventional sports and activities are been recognized by the government bodies and universities etc. This means people with some talent other than recognized field do not have any forum or a platform for recognition  and their motivation to pursue something which is really close to their heart die soon.

For an easy accessibility for such people with unusual talent India Book of Records has created a website  where one can apply giving the details of his achievement and know the procedure to make or break a record. One can also apply with  a request for an adjudicator form India Book of Records to verify the record attempt on the day of Record breaking.

India Book Records organizes a certificate distribution ceremony thrice a year where the record holders are given certificates and trophies for their achievements.

India Book of Records 2010 is now available on stands nationally in English (Rs 195/-) and in Hindi (Rs 125/-)

Source: prlog
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