World's Longest doormat world record set by Travancore Cocotuft Ltd

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An Indian doormat maker claims to have the best way to stop dirt getting in the house in the current bad weather - after inventing the world's longest doormat measuring more than 330 feet.

The mat made by the company Travancore Cocotuft Ltd is just over 1.2 metres (4ft) wide, 101.6 metres (333.3ft) long and weighs 999 kg.

Company spokesman Alfred Michel said: "Guinness World Records have asked us for the basic information and we are in the process of preparing that and once they are convinced, they will visit us to see the doormat."

The mat made of 470,000 tufts of coir hair taken from the outside of coconuts took six months to make.

The thought of manufacturing the world's longest mat, according to Mahadevan, was inspired by a project initiated by SIDBI in Alappuzha, for the growth of the coir industry in the state.

The coir industry in Kerala has a history that spans over a century and employs in excess of 1.5 lakh weavers and spinners numbering four lakhs in the state.

Lack of modernisation in the industry and a stiff rise in wages of workers have resulted in only 50 percent of coconut husks being used in the coir industry, while the rest is being used as fuel in rural areas.
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