Polish pianist Romuald Koperski breaks piano concert world record

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Warsaw - Polish pianist Romuald Koperski set a world record by giving a concert lasting 103 hours and 8 seconds at a Gdansk shopping mall, Polish Radio reported Monday. "There is nothing worse, no torture is worse than the impossibility of getting enough sleep," Koperski told the Polish Press Agency PAP after the marathon concert in northern Poland.

The pianist was entitled to a five-minute break for every hour played, according to Guinness World Record rules. The pianist tried to accumulate the breaks to take longer rests, and ate and drank as little as possible so as not to waste time, PAP reported.

Koperski finished the concert Sunday evening and will now send documentation of the concert to Guinness officials in London.

Hungarian Charles Brunner had previously held the record, with 101 hours and 7 minutes of continuous playing.

Source: earthtimes
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