Largest Sweet Bread World Record set by Mexico

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Mexico City residents lined up on Sunday for a piece of a massive traditional holiday sweet bread weighing over ten metric tons, a world- record-smashing size, according to city officials.

The massive pastry, a largest popular bread called the "rosca de reyes" that appears around the Three Kings holiday in Mexico, measures 720 meters long and used over 50,000 eggs and 2,900 kilos of sugar.

The national bakers' association has sponsored the creation of the huge " rosca" for the last three years in the capital.

Hundreds of residents crowded in lines for a piece of the behemoth treat, which completely wrapped the perimeter of Mexico City's large Zocalo plaza.

"It's a nice thing that we really appreciate," said resident Lucia Gonzalez after collecting several slices for herself and her family. "Many times people don't have enough to buy their own traditional sweet bread at home, so they can come here to enjoy a little piece," she added before noting that this year's record-setting "rosca" was tastier than last year's.

The most recent record belongs to Houston, Texas, with a "rosca" of 1,300 kilograms, said Ferrer Galvan of the city's Secretary of Economic Development two days before the event. No officials from Guinness World Records were present at the event to verify the claim.

The sweet bread took 21,000 man hours of labor and cost approximately 128, 000 US dollars to create.

Guinness record-attempts arepopular in Mexico.
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