Largest gathering of people in Star Trek costumes set world record In London

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Today in London, Namco Bandai organized a world record attempt at the largest gathering of people in Star Trek costumes. The stunt was done to promote Star Trek Online in Europe and according to the people at Guinness, they set the record. TrekMovie has a full set of pictures from the event below.

The costume gathering stunt was conducted at 1PM on Sunday at the Millennium Bridge in London.

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The Guinness people were on hand, and they counted a total of 99 fans (probably less than Namco was hoping for). But the adjudicators from Guinness determined it was the new world record and awarded it on the spot.

As it was Valentine’s Day, the event also drew some couples who were showing off their Trek love.

Trek costumes pictures, Trek costumes images, Trek costumes photo, Trek costumes video

Source: trekmovie
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