A UK teacher has set a new world record for 'the longest football throw

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A UK school teacher,Danny Brooks has broken world's longest football throw-in record with his special flip throw that can cover half the length of a football field.

Danny Brooks has set a new world record for the longest football throw-in after perfecting a unique flip that launches the ball further than five double-decker buses.

Danny Brooks, 28, has perfected a special flip that enabled him to throw a football 49.78 metres (163ft 3.8in).

His flipping technique is within the rules because both of his feet are on the ground at the time of the throw.

After sending film footage and photos of this throw to the Guinness World Records, they announced the West Yorkshire-born man had set the new record.

Danny, of Halifax, was inspired to start throwing after watching Stoke's Rory Delap's long throws on the pitch.

The previous world record was set by America's Michael Lochner with a 48.17m throw in 1998.
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