Stuntman tries to beat highest parachute jump record

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A stuntman is hoping to break the longstanding world record for the highest parachute jump.

Steve Truglia, 47, will rise to the edge of space, where the temperature is minus 70C (-94F), in an open Kevlar box below a lightweight balloon and reach 700mph on his descent. He has been planning for 15 years and has invested more than £100,000 but is appealing for a further £500,000.

“I can’t think of a bigger or better stunt,” said Mr Truglia, above, from Wanstead, northeast London. “You are on the edge of space, with black sky and the stars at eye level.”

An Austrian, Felix Baumgartner, has announced a separate attempt on the record, set 50 years ago by a US air force colonel, Joe Kittinger, who leapt from a balloon at 102,800ft (31km).

Source: timesonline
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