Burj Dubai - World Tallest Building 2010 set World Record

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The tallest skyscraper has been built by Dubai. Today, on Monday, Dubai is going to inaugurate the largest and tallest skyscraper of the world with hope that it will help Dubai to make an end of the present recession that hit UAE badly and especially Dubai. Burj Dubai, 160 story-building, took $1.5 billion Dollars to build i.e. approximately $9 million per floor.

The exact height of the skyscraper was not released by the builders because it was scheduled to be announced today at the time of inauguration. Emaar Properties, the builder, says that the spire is 800 yards tall. Officially, the tallest skyscraper will be inaugurated by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Bin Al-maktum, and Sheikh Rashid will announce the height of the tallest building of the world.

The 90% booking has been completed in a mix of residential units, offices and shopping malls. Emaar chairman, Alabaar, is in festive mood. He is not bother of recession. He says that crises come and go. He believes that you can face all the difficulties and you have to go on because if you stop taking decisions, you stop growing.

The previous tallest skyscraper was the Taipei 101 in Taiwan with a height of 508 meters and here comes the Burj-Dubai with acclaimed height of 818 meters.
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